“Grey’s Anatomy” and my yen for Yang


Fall TV is on the horizon and that means one thing: spoilers and speculation.

OK, two things. And I’ve got some Grey’s Anatomy spoilers

right here. So if you don’t want to know, enjoy Sandra Oh

for a few minutes and move on.

Still here? You read the last chapter of Deathly Hallows first, didn’t


Grey’s Anatomy has been good to Sandra Oh.

She’s won a Golden Globe and a SAG Award and has been nominated for an

Emmy three years in a row. Maybe this year, she’ll win. Hey, she convinced

everybody she enjoyed kissing Isaiah Washington — now

that is good acting!

Oh’s character, Cristina Yang, has not been so lucky. The third season

finale of Grey’s ended with her fiancé, Dr. Preston Burke

(Washington) not only bailing out on the wedding, but taking off. Can you believe

anyone would leave Cristina at the altar? I mean, really.

What’s next for Yang? According to BuddyTV,

she’s going on her honeymoon — with Meredith. When they get back,

Burke’s gone for good. However, his mom (the legendary Diahann

) will

be back
in the second episode. Remember that choker she loaned Cristina

for the wedding? She wants it back. Hilarity ensues.

The real question is what the Grey’s writers will do with Cristina the

rest of the season. I’m hoping her snarky side will be back in full force.

And, naturally, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the

bisexual story line will be resurrected with Cristina Yang smack dab in the

middle of it.

Whatever happens with Yang, Shonda Rhimes

and company
have a lot to make up for after a disappointing third season.

George and Izzie was just icky. Mer and Der — who cares? Bailey’s not

Chief Resident — huh? Addison has gone into Private

. And Callie? Can we please just have Sara Ramirez

in every scene? Thanks.

Are you looking forward to this season of Grey’s? Any predictions? What

is your dream story line for Cristina? As if I didn’t know.

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