Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (August 31, 2007)



The New York Post recently blasted Tammy Lynn Etheridge (the artist formerly known as Tammy Lynn Michaels) for her anti-Bush/Rove rant on her blog. In his Page Six column under the headline”Vulgar and Vile,” Richard Johnson wrote:

Tammy Lynn Michaels ought to wash her mouth out with soap. The lesbian “wife” of rocker Melissa Etheridge calls President Bush “an idiotic, parasitical, country-raping piece of [bleep]” on her blog, HollywoodFarm Girl. “How does Laura [Bush] lay her head down at night?” Michaels’ constructive and civil rant goes on to call Karl Rove a “sweaty little piggish Oompa-Loompa Elmer Fudd ass.” And if the administration doesn’t like her hate-filled profanity, she taunts, “Come arrest me, you [bleep]ers.”

Undaunted, Etheridge responded to the Post with keyboard blazing:

dear ny post,

first, i am honored that someone at your paper reads my li’l blog. indeed, the blog of which you speak was vulgar and crass and such the like as that, i agree. swearing and vulgarity is a forte of mine. (i think i listened to bette midler’s standup tapes far too young in life. i digress.) it seems that only extremism gets the message out these days, doesn’t it? the Neo-Cons (or Modern-Day-Hitlers), the terrorists (that we created), the kids shooting other kids in school, the hollywood whorlets who show their vagina to the world AND go to jail AND still make magazine covers… see? so a lesbian, using filthy language, swearing and daring for the criminals to take the lamb’s clothing off…. of course i make the ny post.

i bet you’ll be surprised and disappointed to know that i’ve already had my mouth washed out with soap, a coupla times, in fact, when i was a kid. my caretaker, evelyn, was a believer in “soap cleans out the dirty words”. and i was a believer in dirty words. i can clearly recall not only the taste of the soap in my mouth- but also the texture of the washrag as she rubbed it into my tongue. i guess she didn’t rub hard enough, huh? LOL …

To read her post in its entirety, go here.

Etheridge’s rant closes with this parting shot:

so thank you for passing my ideas and feelings on to other parts of the world my blog cannot reach alone. thank you.

love is all there is.


Hollywood Farm Girl

(who has legally changed her name to Etheridge, so you might wanna print the correct name next time. no biggie.)

I also must need my mouth washed out with soap, because I totally agree with everything she wrote. In fact, I’m so on board with Tammy that I’m thinking of changing my last name to Etheridge too.

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