Morning Brew – Rose Byrne talks lesbian role in “Fallen Angels”


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The L.A. Times, The Atlantic and VICE all pay tribute to Leslie Feinberg.

A lesbian tried Cosmo’s newest sex tips and gives them the thumbs up.

Speaking of Cosmo, they are basically trying to put out as many lesbian-related lists as possible as of late. Today: “15 Things Straight People Should Never Say to Single Lesbians.”

Stephen Colbert brought out some “lesbian puppies” on his show this week.

A male model named Leo was kicked off Big Brother Australia this week, and he told The Daily Mail he was bullied as a kid for having a lesbian mom.

“My mum is an out-lesbian and I was raised by her and her partner, and also between my dad and my stepdad. I’m from pretty much the last generation before homosexuality was a really common and accepted thing. There was no Ellen, no Sex And The City kind of going on when I was in high school and junior high so I copped a lot of flak for it.”

Although Leo says he was kind of a brat to his moms back then, they now have a fantastic relationship.

Queer fashion writer Arabelle Sicardi is featured on NYMag.


Slate wonders who has it easier: Butches or femmes? (She says it’s butches.)

A Kansas City homeless shelter is discriminating against gay and lesbian couples, and also forces trans people to dress as their “birth gender.”

Sally Waters wants her home state of Nebraska to recognize her relationship with her partner before she dies of cancer.

Meanwhile a lesbian couple in Michigan filed an appeal with the supreme court to let them get married and spoke with a radio station about their case.

Sue Perkins has a new show on BBC Two called The Mekong River with Sue Perkins. A little random but OK!

HBO has officially picked up Westworld, which means Evan Rachel Wood will be coming to our TVs so soon.

Erica Mena discusses her sexuality and break-up with Cyn in a new interview.

Rose Byrne tells The Advocate she once played a lesbian, very early in her career.

As a teenager, I did a couple episodes of Fallen Angels, an Australian television show, playing a young girl who happened to be gay. There was nothing sexually explicit required, so it wasn’t confronting in that sense. I was an eager young actress, and it was an opportunity to explore a different and interesting character. Since then, I’ve not been approached to play a gay part.



JustJared has a few shots from the set of the very queer Three Generations.



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