“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.6): Destiny


Like all Jane the Virgin episodes, this one began with a flashback to Jane at her own 21st birthday party. Hammered off of way too many shots, she answers the door to find Michael in his police uniform. This was how they met. He’s there because of a noise complaint and Jane thinks he’s the stripper. She pulls him inside, announcing the stripper has arrived. Her girlfriends gather around Michael and begin taking of his uniform. A way too excited Jane pulls out Michael’s gun and shoots it at the ceiling, realizing that it’s not fake and Michael is indeed a real cop. Later that night, after the party, Michael and Jane are watch a telenovela. Michael has to leave on police duty, but before he goes, they share a kiss.

JTV 6-1

Back in the land of the present, Michael is on Jane’s doorstep. This time with a package that holds her wedding dress. He tells Jane that he still wants to get married, but she’s not sure she wants to anymore, especially since she has feelings for Rafael. But she doesn’t tell that to Michael.

Later on, Jane finds out that she’s received a teaching assignment at a Catholic girl’s high school. Horrified, she tries to get out of it, but there are no other assignments left. The thought of teaching at a high school brings back memories of the mean girls who tortured her back when she was in school.

At the hotel, Rafael opens the door to find Michael, two uniform cops and Petra. The cops arrest Rafael, and Petra, with her black eye, tells him she is “Sorry, but I had to tell them what you did.”

On her first day of school, the nuns introduce Jane to her classroom. Seated side by side are Jane’s two evil twin step-sisters, who are Rogelio’s step-daughters. They announce to the class and the nuns that Jane is an unwed, pregnant woman. This doesn’t sit right with the nuns. They take her into their office and Jane tells them the story of how she became pregnant to give her another chance, which they do. But only one more and after that she’s done. So, of course, the evil, twin step-sisters ruin it for Jane. They throw their tablet to the ground and stop on it, then cry wolf and claim that Jane broke it. This was the drama the nuns needed to let Jane go.

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Fresh out of jail, Rafael and Petra are in the suite. He then tells Petra to leave. She claims, “What’s yours is mine,” and doesn’t budge. As Rafael is leaving, he opens the door to find a man holding an urn with Zazo’s ashes. Rafael hands over the urn to Petra, saying it’s her problem. Rafael does what he can to get Petra and her mother to leave the suite. He freezes Petra’s bank account, turns off the water, and then turns off the electricity. They still have no plans of leaving.

In the midst of all the craziness, Jane and Rafael still find time to have short, intimate moments together. For instance, the moment Rafael finally tells Jane that he has feelings for her. He says he “never had that type of connection with anyone” like he does with Jane. He calls it fate and destiny that they shared a kiss five years ago and now she’s having his baby. Jane doesn’t say anything but she’s thinking “What if it’s meant to be?”

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Jane consults Xiomara of how to get back at the evil step-sisters. While they’re on the beach tanning, Jane has Rafael distract them. She then takes their phones and gets copies of any embarrassing content she can find of them. She then uses this to make the girls break down into tears and tell the nuns what really happen. Jane and the nuns forgive the girls. And, the nuns give Jane her job back. But they’re more concerned with how many people they can bring into church now that they have a pregnant virgin on their hands.

With a heart full of forgiveness, Jane agrees to meet with Michael. He’s excited, and asks her to meet him at the marina where he is waiting with a boat and a romantic setting. He asks Jane to forgive him, which she does. But then she drops a bomb on him. (Can you hear the bomb dropping? That’s right.) Jane tells Michael “something has changed” and that she can’t be with him anymore. She gives him back the ring and leaves. (Queue the sound of the bomb exploding.)

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Rafael finally finds a way to make Petra leave. He has an alibi to prove he wasn’t the one who gave Petra the black eye. The cleaning lady saw Petra leaving Rafael’s office without a black eye, which was the same time she claimed he gave it to her. Rafael tells Petra to drop the charges and leave. She doesn’t fight about it. Later that night, Petra and Magda are packing up when Ivan (the guy who was speaking Czech with Petra in the car in a previous episode) shows up unannounced and with a gun in hand. He threatens Petra because he wants his money. He has the gun to Petra’s head and Magda intervenes. When he’s not looking, Petra smashes Zazo’s urn over Ivan’s head, knocking him out cold.

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Back on the boat, Michael is moping and drinking beer alone. He notices a name on a shipping boat, Eli Line. Earlier in the episode, he and Nadine found a note in Disgusting Ted’s locker. It had the name Eli and then what appeared to be a phone number. They tried calling the number but it wasn’t in service. Using binoculars, Michael is able to see the info on the boat a lot clearer. He notices some numbers on the boat and then he see shipments with more numbers on them. He realizes the note they found wasn’t a phone number but instead a drug shipment.

Jane and Rafael are having one of those perfect moments again. Jane is seated outside under a tree when Rafael joins her. She tells him that she broke up with Michael. Rafael doesn’t say a word. Instead, he pulls Jane close and they kiss under the tree with white flower petals floating around them. Fate? Destiny? Or, soon to be disaster? We’ll soon find out next week.

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