“Gracepoint” recap (1.6 &1.7): But Seriously, Where Are My Fries


Previously on Gracepoint, Captain Jack was inaccurately branded a pedophile and the townspeople chased him with pitchforks like he was Frankenstein’s monster. Unable to recover, and sans help from the police, Jack commits suicide on the beach.

Also, Hugo the CSI tech hits on Miller, despite knowing she’s married, and Carver makes an inept pass at Gemma. Gemma has bigger problems, namely a rageful Beth Solano storming into her bar, smashing up some glasses, and (worst of all) turning on all the beer taps. Beth, I know you’re in pain, but don’t waste the innocent beer!

This week’s episode opens with a flurry of press coverage proclaiming Jack’s innocence (too little too late lamestream media!) and denouncing Carver as the worst cop in California. INCORRECT Y’ALL: the worst cop in California is the one who gave me a ticket for jaywalking on a completely empty street. Ellie tells Carver that he’s not the worst worst, and they suit up to go to Jack’s funeral. It took some time, but I think that Carver and Miller have finally found their groove as mismatched partners. I’m really enjoying their banter together, especially the undercurrent of mutual respect.


At the funeral, Paul the Priest condemns everyone for abandoning Jack and basically acting like a bunch of dicks. Carver looks around to see if anyone is acting shifty, and of course everyone is because “shifty” is the default emotional position of the townspeople of Gracepoint.

Gemma hosts Jack’s wake, and we find out she’s Wiccan. Hey sister hey. Miller watches the room, not like a member of the community, but like a cop investigating suspects. Miller is approached by Kathy, who wants to know the deal RE: Susan and those rape threats. Ellie basically tells her she has bigger fish to fry…not your best move, Miller. For better or worse, Carver’s instinct has rubbed off on her. The question remains, will she be able to keep her relationships and humanity in the way that Carver has been unable to.

Carver sees Paul put his hand on Tommy’s knee, and goes to talk to Tommy. Before he can get any answers, Joe Miller swoops in and tells him not to talk to his son. He also calls out Carver for making everyone in town miserable. Man, it’s like those margaritas they shared meant nothing.


The next day, Joe is walking the boys to school, and makes a snap judgment that sets the rest of the episode in motion. He sends Tom alone to bike the remaining three blocks to school while he retrieves his younger son’s dropped toy. Later, Ellie receives a call from school: Tom is missing. The story immediately shifts from finding Danny’s killer to finding Tommy Miller.


Mark Solano organizes a search and rescue group to find Tommy, while Carver and Ellie go after any possible lead they can find. The police department holds a press conference to alert everyone, and people start calling for Carver’s resignation.

Meanwhile, back in Suspect’s Corner, Creepy Susan is buying brownie mix and Vince is washing blood off his hands. Susan drops off brownies for Vince and his mother, but Vince throws them away. He also tells his mother not to eat the trash brownies, which seems obvious to most people, except for Vince’s mom/myself. I mean, they may be poisoned, but they are also FREE BROWNIES. Vince goes to the trailer park and throws some money at Creepy Susan, demanding that she leave them alone. There’s something shady going on between these two, but we don’t know what yet.

Back at the station, we finally meet Julianne, Carver’s estranged daughter. She’s come to see her dad after the sad voicemail he left her, but of course Carver is too caught up trying to find Tommy Miller. Julianne immediately proves herself to be the most capable detective on the show: she finds Carver’s heart meds in his desk drawer, and more importantly, she wants to know what the fuck is up with all the whales in this town.


Carver and Miller find out that Pearson, the PTSD veteran hiker who Jack spotted with Danny Solano, has been found in the nearby woods. They storm onto the scene, where Miller out-Carvers Carver by shouting at everyone and taking over the crime scene. Carver watches in awe like a proud parent. The cops find guns and anti-psychotic meds on Pearson, and they take him back to Gracepoint for interrogation.

Carver tries to keep Ellie from the interrogation, but she refuses. They fail to get a straight answer out of the obviously impaired Pearson, and Ellie finally snaps and starts screaming at him. Carver has to drag her out of the room. It’s a really powerful performance by Anna Gunn, who just keeps getting better and better on this show.


Meanwhile, the Solano women are making sandwiches for the searchers, when Jennifer Love Comcast shows up with another cryptic message: Tommy is bleeding. Doesn’t this guy ever get any good news from the beyond?

Tommy has been spotted on the road north of town, so the search moves into the forest. Beth tells Joe about the message, which is a pretty bad move. Maybe keep that info to yourself next time, Beth.

Julianne gives up on waiting for her father and leaves Gracepoint, telling him that he cares about everyone’s kids but his own. Once again, Carver’s obsession with his work has cost him his personal relationships. Speaking of relationships, Ellie and Joe fight about Tommy’s disappearance, with Ellie blaming him for leaving Tommy alone. They soon make up, but the cracks are beginning to show in their “perfect” marriage.


Carver shows Pearson a photo of Danny, and Pearson remembers him as the kid he met on the cliffs. Danny had asked him for help with a crossword puzzle, and they talked about traveling. He gave Danny his number in case he ever wanted to talk. Pearson seems disturbed, but most likely harmless.

The entire town walks through the woods searching for Tommy. Gracepoint is beautifully shot, and this scene is especially stunning, with everyone making their way through majestic redwoods. Paul tries to commend Mark on taking charge of the search party, but Mark remains completely uninterested in his friendship. The search halts when Paul stumbles upon Tommy’s abandoned bike, and Miller breaks down crying.


Did Tommy Miller run away or was he taken? Does Julianne ever find out the deal with all those whales? Tune in next week for all (JK probably none) of these answers, and tweet me @ChelseaProcrast with your Gracepoint conspiracy theories!

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