“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.7): Oh, Brother


“They say life doesn’t give you second chances,” Meredith’s voiceover tells us as Derek flashes back to a painful memory from when he and Amelia witnessed their father’s death. ”But we do. Surgeons do.” Perhaps that is exactly the reason some people enter the surgical fieldto have some positive control over the destinies of others, even if the same can’t be said for their own lives. Meredith and Maggie both sprint through the halls, chasing down an emergency page. Meredith apologizes for being late to her own dinner party, and Maggie pretends to accept it.

Arizona, who has been up all night freaking out about Dr. Herman’s bombshell, declares that she needs more information before agreeing to the dying doc’s six-month plan. Herman explains that some burdens are hers and hers alone. Arizona doesn’t get to know the intimacies of her illness, but she will get to be privy to all of her hard won knowledge and experience. Before heading off to an appointment, Dr. Herman cancels all surgeries for the day, and assigns Arizona to her rounds.


Meredith, Callie, Owen and Maggie all wait outside for an emergency patient. Callie is tired and grumpy from being up all night with a distraught Sofia, who doesn’t understand why her mommies no longer live together. Meredith is tired, too, but only because she and Derek were too busy playing “time out” all night. When the emergency arrives, it’s one of the more heartbreaking stories we’ve seen in a long time. A man named Norris is clutching his wife’s body for dear life. He tried to escape a fire by jumping out a window, hoping that his body would break his wife’s fall, but it appears that she has passed away from her injuries. As he wheels past, Amelia sends Derek to the head-injury farm team, while she walks over to help with Meredith’s patient. Meredith and Maggie gently explain to the poor man that his wife Hattie is gone, but he did what he could to protect her. He finally lets go, and in a miracle of the second chance variety, Hattie has the faintest of pulses. Amelia promises Norris that they will all do their best to save Hattie.

While on Dr. Herman’s rounds, Arizona works with a young pregnant couple whose baby has a tumor that is causing it to become anemic. While she is calm about the baby’s situation to the parents, once she gets outside, she tells Graham that the situation is indeed dire. If Dr. Herman doesn’t operate today, the baby will likely die.

Amelia, Owen and Maggie attend to Hattie, who has a head injury along with a punctured lung that both demand immediate attention. Amelia heads off to inform Hattie and Norris’s daughter Sarah, and is surprised to find that they know each other—from Narcotics Anonymous. When Amelia tries to explain to Sarah what she plans to do to help her mother, Sarah starts freaking. She demands that they find her parents a new doctor, and outs Amelia’s drug addiction in front of the entire hospital. Amelia looks like she’s been hit by a bus as Owen attempts to intervene. Derek steps in and says he’ll take over and gives his sister a smug look, offering Amelia little comfort in this huge violation of her privacy.


Meredith, who was also present for Amelia’s humiliation, confronts Derek. Derek, not surprisingly, thinks he’s being quite noble by taking over for Amelia. You know, protecting her from any harm if anything goes wrong. Meredith doesn’t quite buy that, but Derek swears he’ll clear it all up with Owen, after the surgery.

Arizona finds Alex, who is holding adorable court over a trio of babies. She explains that her patient will lose the baby if they don’t perform the inter-uterine surgery; something that Arizona doesn’t know how to do. Dr. Herman isn’t picking up her phone and Arizona wants Alex’s advice. He suggests a C-Section, so that he can repair the damage. However, the baby is only 28 weeks along, and they have been trying to bring her to term. Arizona leaves Herman a message, giving her 30 minutes to respond before she and Alex operate.

In the ladies room, Jo is puking her guts out. Stephanie, who is waiting outside of the stall, tells her, “If you let Karev throw a baby in there, I’ll never forgive you.” It’s not morning sickness though, Jo declares. See today is Jo’s first solo surgery, which will be supervised by Bailey. Jo is confident that she’s got this, and lists the steps to the relatively simple surgery. She then swears that she’s not afraid of “little bitty Dr. Bailey.” As you may have already guessed, Bailey is in another stall and overhears the whole thing. Jo looks like she may puke again.


Amelia walks the halls, hearing the incessant whispers of the staff. She pulls Richard aside and explains that Derek was the one who hired her, so she assumed the rest of the board knew about her past addiction issues. Richard tells her that she doesn’t have to say anything to them, or Owen: “It’s the past, and you don’t have to defend it.” Owen approaches Amelia shortly thereafter, but she takes Richard’s advice, and doesn’t offer up any information.

Arizona watches the clock tick down, and with no callback from Herman, she and Alex go ahead with the C-section. Well, not before Arizona leaves yet another message for Herman, telling her that not only is she going to do the surgery, but she’s going to tell the rest of the board about Herman’s illness. Surgery goes well for the little one, and Arizona leaves Graham to close up after the C-section.

Maggie and Derek perform a double surgery on Hattiewith Derek going in through her noseand Maggie handling the ruptured lung. Jackson assists Derek, and they do a little dad talking. Jackson doesn’t know the sex of the baby yet, and the thought of the unknown freaks him out. Derek reminds him that his own son was delivered by an intern in the middle of a storm, so you can’t always count on predictability. Derek then brags about what a amazing surgeon he is, because, Derek is Derek.

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