“Arrow” recap (3.6): The Past That Haunts Us


Previously on Arrow, Laurel took boxing lessons since Oliver wouldn’t train her, and Roy was injected with mirakuru and was mostly over it but lately has been having a dream that he murdered Sara.

We begin with Felicity feeding the Team Arrow boys instructions that lead them to a drug cartel, except when they get there, the men are all dead. Well all except one, who lifts his arm and croaks out, “Paco” before dying for real. All the drugs were still there, so it was obviously meant to send a message to the gang, the bloodiest gang in Starling. They figure out what that message is when they see the word GUILTY spelled out in blood. They head back to the Arrow Cave, and Diggle and Oliver get ready to hit the streets again, but Oliver sends Roy to bed because he’s useless if he’s not rested.

Flashback Oliver (I already miss Felicity flashbacks) and Maseo are trailing a man with an envelope. Their mark makes them and runs though, and ditches the envelope somewhere along the way. Oliver tells Maseo that he didn’t see him stash the envelope, and Maseo says he did, he just doesn’t remember. Yet.

At the gym, Laurel is boxing, fighting the good fight, and looking amazing. Her trainer compliments her, then knocks her down a peg. As in, literally knocks her down.

ARROW 306-1Arm porn.

Laurel is pissed and her trainer tells her the next step in their lesson is to teach her how to not get so rattled and angry, and to be able to pick herself up after a fall. Step one is listening to Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping on repeat. She’s ready to learn, but he cuts them off for the night, and takes her out for Korean tacos.

Back at Arrow HQ, Roy asks Felicity to test his blood for Mirakuru. Felicity tells him that she would know if he was exhibiting signs of Mirakuru, and that insomnia isn’t one of the side effects of the drug. She looks at him curiously and asks him if there’s anything else going on besides not being able to sleep and he lies right to her perfect little face.

ARROW 306-2How could you lie to this face? I hope you lose sleep ov—oh, nevermind.

The Arrow finds a guy and bullies him into telling him that Paco is a nickname for a guy named Emilio Ortega. Oliver thanks him, then punches him in the face. Just because you’re a hooded vigilante doesn’t mean you can’t have good manners.

Felicity tracks Emilio Paco and sends Oliver to his location, where he finds another body hung upside down with the word GUILTY sprawled in blood. And this location just so happens to be Laurel’s favorite boxing ring.

As Oliver inspects the scene, the owner of the gym walks in, causing the Arrow to draw his bow. Ted swears he’s never killed anyone, but Oliver isn’t convinced. He lowers his arrow, however, when Laurel comes in a moment later, introducing the man as Ted and saying he’s been with her for the past two hours.

ARROW 306-3I love how Laurel is constantly on the offensive now.

Side note: Laurel said they were boxing and then had dinner, all in two hours, but they must have been to-go tacos, because there’s no way she showered out her braids and restyled her hair in five minutes.

Anyway, back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity tests Roy’s blood, just to give him peace of mind. When it comes back negative, he’s so relieved that he tells Felicity about the nightmares he’s been having in which he kills Sara by throwing arrows into her heart. He kind of tries to laugh it off; if he doesn’t have Mirakuru in his system, he couldn’t have killed Sara, right? Right, Felicity? RIGHT?

ARROW 306-4My name is Felicity Smoak, you killed my girlfriend, prepare to die.

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