“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.5): Secrets


As a child, Jane longed for a father, someone responsible and wise to take care of things at home. Most often, she had to play the role of mother to her teenage acting mother, giving Xiomara the same spiel a parent would give their own child just before they leave to hang out with friends or go out on a date. Jane found out Abuela had diabetes after she asks Jane to look on the internet for the meaning of the word “diabetes.” When no one was around, Jane would pull out a photo of Jimmy Smits and dream of a life with him as her father. (Does this mean he’ll make an appearance on the show sometime?) But Jane no longer needs that photo, even though she still has it with her baby photos, because she has a very real celebrity father now.

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Jane is still unable to accept the fact that Xiomara kept her father’s identity a secret after all this time. She’s so upset that she leaves home to go and stay with Michael. Xiomara is heartbroken with Jane leaving and not wanting to speak with her. Xiomara does the only thing she can do; give Jane her space. Soon after Jane leaves home, Billy, Michael’s brother, shows up on Michael’s doorstep demanding two thousand dollars, and threatens to tell Michael’s secret to Jane if he isn’t given the money.

After threatening Michael, Billy runs off to visit his “girlfriend” Lina (Diane Guerrero), aka Jane’s best friend and coworker. Yes, Lina and Billy are dating. Apparently Lina and Billy had sex in the bathroom at Jane and Michael’s engagement party. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Billy gives Lina the okay to finally tell Jane and Michael about their love affair. Gross! Lina can definitely do much better than Billy. When Lina tells Jane about their relationship, Jane is none too thrilled.

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Jane then tells Michael about Billy dating Lina. He tells her about Billy demanding two thousand dollars and for her to stay away from Billy no matter what. We finally learn Michael’s secret, if that is the truth he’s been keeping from Jane about his past. Michael explains to Jane that he and Billy used to steal cars and sell the parts when they were younger. They got caught and Billy took the blame. Michael turned his life around and Billy kept up with the nonsense. Michael’s been bailing Billy out ever since.

Petra is still trying to keep her marriage alive, but Rafael isn’t budging. At first he offers her $10,000 just to move out the apartment then and there. Instead she tells him to think about Jane and the baby. The next time around Petra shows up in lingerie and a satin robe, holding what looks like a knitted beret of baby colors. Rafael calls is the Frisbee. It’s here that we’re given a flashback, three years ago, to a happier time in Petra and Rafael’s marriage. They’re on the beach of the hotel he will soon own. Petra is knitting a hat for their baby but it’s too big. Rafael makes fun and calls it a Frisbee. We learns that in addition to cancer, there was a miscarriage as well.

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This warmth filled memory and a hot and heavy make out session doesn’t change his mind. Rafael, later shows up with divorce papers for Petra to sign. If she signs it, she’ll get $250,000. That’s not anywhere near the five million she is gunning for. She tells Rafael they can work it out. “Not if I don’t love you anymore,” is his response. So, Rafael tells Jane that Petra cheated with his best friend and he is divorcing Petra, but that he still wants to keep the baby and raise it himself. “We both have things to think about,” Jane’s responds. She pictured the baby being raised in a two parent household. Now she has to figure out what to do. Should she and Michael keep the baby, or give it to Rafael to raise on his own?

Jane and Rogelio finally get one on one time, but it is nothing like Jane imagined. Rogelio makes his assistant bow to Jane upon meeting her. Rogelio makes a grand entrance by walking down a long staircase with a spotlight on him, only to realize that it’s ridiculously long and runs down the rest of the way. And, they have lunch together in front of a backdrop painted like the Mayan temple Rogelio once visited where he asked to be famous. He even gives Jane a biography on himself that explains everything she needs to know about him, instead of having a conversation like normal people do. Rogelio pays Xiomara a visit to ask what went wrong. She explains that Jane isn’t impressed with money and fame. Round two happens later that night when Jane invites Rogelio over for dinner. Instead of making a connection with Jane, Rogelio pushes Jane away even further by trying to get her to fix things with Xiomara.

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