“Survivor’s Remorse” recap (1.6): Trusting the Process


On the season finale of Survivor’s Remorsea woman from Reggie’s past returns and threatens his relationships in the present. But first she’ll have to get through M-Chuck and Cassie whose claws come out to protect their own.

It all starts when Reggie gets a message from his ex-girlfriend, Adina, who is in town and wants to see him. Reggie was hoping that her message might include an apology for cheating on him with another guy, but Uncle Julius insists that the apology is there in the subtext. He also insists that Reggie not see his old love. Uncle J likens Adina to the terminator coming to kill his unborn child. He tells him not to mess with her, but Reggie doesn’t listen. Although he is busy prepping for a meeting with Da Chen Bao, the executive of a Chinese sneaker company, he returns Adina text with one of his own.

Da Chen Bao offers Cam 40 million dollars over five years and 6% equity in the company. That’s more than both Nike and Underarmour. So, although Nike does increase their bid to 35 million, it doesn’t take long for Cam and Reggie to decide to go with the international underdog.

“I smell raises,” M-chuck tells her mother when she hears the offer.

I smell raises

Whether or not Reggie will see Adina while she is in town isn’t so easy to decide. He makes a plan to meet her at a diner the next day, but the night before, he is felling so uneasy about it that he ends up telling his wife that his ex got in touch, yet he omits the fact that she is in Atlanta and wants to meet up with him. Missy also thinks that Adina is reaching out because she wants to get back together. She is especially suspicious when she discovers that Adina and Reggie were engaged. She had never even heard of Adina before. What is Reggie trying to hide?

Cassie and M-Chuck move quickly passed surprise to anger when Uncle Julius gives them the news. The best way they can think of to protect Reggie is kick Adina’s ass.

“If Reggie needs his Aunt to drag that bitch down Peachtree street by her skank ass hair extensions, I will gladly answer that motherfuckin’ call.”

verbal beatdown

“You drag that cunt into the street, Ma and I will run that cunt bitch over in Cam’s Astin.”

Whoa! Ladies! I know you’re looking out for your boymand all, but violence is never the answer! Even Uncle Julius is surprised at their fierce response.

“I forgot what it’s like when you put a quarter in you two. I’ll speak to her myself. I don’t want to get Cam’s Astin impounded. You know, that’s my car, too.”

But they don’t have to worry. Reggie shows up to meet Adina, looks at her through the window for a few seconds and then slowly drives away. I guess he figured the apology he was seeking wasn’t worth opening up old wounds.

Cassie, M-Chuck and Missy are getting their hair done at the salon while Missy grills them about Reggie’s ex. Missy admits that Adina is stacked and fit and one of the best-looking girls from their neighborhood, but Cassie says Reggie wanted better. He wanted to get out of that neighborhood so he could meet someone like Missy.

M-Chuck agrees. “I keep telling you! If you would let me go down on you, I would.”

At the Salon

Later, Reggie and Missy have a talk in the bathroom. He’s trying to pee while she tells him a story about a love she lost in college in an effort to tell him everyone has a past, but that they shouldn’t bring that past into a present. Reggie says that he is embarrassed to admit that he was rattled when Adina reached out. Yes, some of that is from heartache, but most of it is because of the betrayal. Everything is squashed. That is, until the Da Chen Bao merchandise arrives.

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