“Once Upon A Time” recap (4.7): The Ties That Bind


Previously on Once Upon A Time, Ingrid the Snow Queen posed as Sarah Fisher the Dairy Queen to lure Elsa who is also a Snow Queen and Emma who could have been queen into being part of her Family of the Magically Misunderstood and At Least A Little Gay. Also Regina’s in her vault hiding from all the heteronormativity going on aboveground but somehow it keeps finding her.

We begin a long, long time ago (or yesterday, you never know on this show), in Arendelle, with two little girls who look like a wee Elsa and Anna who go chasing after a kite in a rolling green field. But we soon learn it isn’t Elsa and Anna, because a third girl joins them; it’s the three sisters: Ingrid, Gerda, and Helga. The kite the sisters are chasing gets stuck in a tree and falls to the ground, and the three girls start to fight over who will get the ribbons that made its tail. They are interrupted by the actual owner of the kite, who seems all nice at first, until he tries to kidnap the princesses for ransom. Ingrid panics and throws up her hands, and magic ice powers shoot out of her palms, hitting a nearby tree, and sending a frozen branch tumbling down on the kidnapper. Though not before he called her a monster.

When her sisters go toward her, Ingrid pulls back, afraid she’ll hurt them, but Helga and Gerda each take one of her hands and says they will never think she’s a monster. Helga picks up the kite tail they had been fighting about and unties it, giving one ribbon to each girl. They make a sisterly pact to always stick together, no matter what, and to help Ingrid hide and/or control her powers.

Present day Ingrid slowly climbs up the stairs of the Storybrooke clock tower, and when she reaches the top, wooshes her mirror up there, smiling mischievously all the while.

OUAT 407-1I’d watch an hour of the Snow Queen looking at herself in the mirror.

In a beautiful moment of juxtaposition, we next see Regina next to HER mirror, as black as the Snow Queen’s is white. She’s reading a book, minding her own business, when Robin Hood appears. She tells him, again, to go away and love his wife that he was so adamant about his vows to, but Robin Hood proves he’s been hanging out with the men of Storybrooke too long and seems to be taking the “persistence is key” method of courting. Robin Hood is having a hard time forgetting about Regina, because he is human, and who could forget her? She tells him that he has to try harder and sends him on his merry way.

At the sheriff’s precinct, Emma shows Elsa a spell Belle found that should be able to quell the Snow Queen’s powers without hurting or killing her. Elsa’s glad; she might be a psychopath who wants to keep Emma and Elsa like magical dolls, but there are questions she needs answers to. Elsa asks Emma if anyone else in her family has powers, and when she says no, Elsa empathizes, knowing it’s hard when the people you love look at you differently. Emma says her family doesn’t do that, and Elsa says “you’re lucky” in a way that sounds like she pities the babygay.

OUAT 407-2“Oh, my sweet summer child.”

Emma tries the magic candle spell on Elsa, but it doesn’t work, but Emma’s not too concerned about it. She has to hang out with her baby brother who is named after her dead baby daddy, so she’ll worry about the spell later.

When she goes to meet her mother, Mary Margaret is in a Mommy and Me class with a bunch of characters that have apparently been in Storybrooke this whole time, including Ashley and Aurora. Emma tells Ash she’s got a weird but cool thing going on here, and Ashley says it’s important for first time moms to stick together. Emma is insulted Mary Margaret considers herself a first time mom. She tries to play it cool, but she ends up boiling the bottle of milk she’s holding. Emma shrugs it off as residual magic from the spell earlier, but suddenly Mary Margaret is hesitant to hand over her baby, and Emma gets her first glimpse into what Elsa and Ingrid were talking about.

David calls Emma and tells her he found an ice trail that goes up to the top of the clock tower, and even though she only seems to leave that trail when she wants to be followed, Team Storybrooke follows it like children following the Pied Piper. Emma uses the candle to slap magical handcuffs on the Snow Queen, and Elsa is so delighted she hugs her.

OUAT 407-3For the Ice Swan fans.

The Snow Queen says, “You got me” the way you say it to children when they find you in your purposefully terrible hiding spot during a game of Hide & Seek.

Flashback, a little less back than last time, to a mostly grown Helga and Gerda getting ready for their father’s 70th birthday party while Ingrid looks on. Helga and Gerda beg their sister to join them, but Ingrid is insistent on staying in the closet. She doesn’t trust herself to not reveal her true nature if she’s surrounded by people, so she will just stay in her room. Her sisters try to explain to her that she’s not “afflicted”, that she’s totally normal, and she was just born that way, but Ingrid knows that Helga is introducing her suitor to her father tonight and doesn’t want to risk ruining it. Ingrid’s sisters take her hands once again, just like they did when they were small, and they are all still wearing their yellow ribbons; the power of three will set them free.

Down at the dance, Helga introduces the Duke of Weselton to her father, and he stammers and trips over his words as he compliments the king’s daughter. As the Duke and Princess Helga dance, Ingrid watches on, and little snowflakes of sadness surround her as she watches her sister have the heterosexual happily ever after that Ingrid will never have.

OUAT 407-4It’s OK, girl! Us gays can live happily ever after now too!

Present-day Ingrid is cuffed in the interrogation room that I didn’t know existed until just now. Elsa and Emma tag-team her (with questions, you perv), and Elsa goes in as Bad Cop, demanding to know where her sister is. Ingrid tells her that she shouldn’t be looking for Anna, since Anna, just like everyone else, couldn’t handle Elsa’s differences and is the reason she was in that urn. Elsa turns the Bad Cop up to 50, but Good Cop Emma sends the angry Elsa away, saying she’ll take it from here. Emma calmly tells Ingrid that she’s not interested in being her “sister buddy” (I really wish she had said “sister wife”). Ingrid gets inside Emma’s head, and even mentions her “superpower” which apparently is a delusion Emma made up when she was even younger than however old she was when she was in Ingrid’s foster home. Ingrid tells Emma that she’s confident Emma will see things her way soon enough, and that she’ll even let the Snow Queen go.

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