“The Good Wife” recap (6.8): Thank you and go to hell


Now that Alicia Florrick is running for public office, that same public’s opinion matters. That’s why Johnny Elfman is running a focus group to figure out what people think about her. There are plenty of different opinions—some folks think she’s swell, while others don’t feel they know who she really is. One woman in particular thinks she’s a doormat for standing beside Peter after the affairs.

One thing most people agree on is Frank Prady. He’s a smart likable guy with a recognizable face. When the majority polled says they would vote for him, Eli goes into panic mode and calls Alicia. She agrees to meet with him later, but right now she has a more pressing matter to deal with. Her brother Owen has shown up and is sitting in her office. It’s the first time she’s seen him since she asked him to break it off with his married boyfriend, something she is quite apologetic for now. Owen accepts, but the reason for his visit is more serious: One of Owen’s students was raped on campus, and is facing her rapist in front of the University Judiciary Board. The young woman needs an advocate to sit with her, and Alicia agrees, even though she’s promised Eli that she’d take a step back from her caseload.

Meanwhile, just a few offices down, Cary, Diane and Kalinda (who is calling in from elsewhere) are listening to the recording that the late Trey Wagner made of the conversation that has gotten Cary into so much trouble. It doesn’t sound good. The beginning and end were cut off, so the fact that Cary was talking about an hypothetical situation is not evident. The other man on the wire, Dante, fled town after he heard what happened to Trey, so there is no one to back up Cary’s story. Cary can’t help but notice that Kalinda is whispering, and that’s because she is sitting close to a very naked and sleeping Lana Delaney. Kalinda changes the subject and tries to convince Cary to take the stand in his own defense. Diane is hesitant because she’s concerned that Cary won’t make a very good witness. She decides to bring in an attorney to mock cross-examine him, to see what they are working with.

In a rare moment, Kalinda has actually let her hair down and looks longingly at Lana as they exchange oh-so-naked kisses. Lana loves that Kalinda can’t go to the office, so she can have her all to herself that morning. Man, she is one smitten kitten. Their makeout session is interrupted by a phone call from Bishop. Dammit, I really wish the men on this show would stop interrupting Kalinda’s sexytimes.

Anyway, when Bishop demands that Kalinda be alone, she excuses herself to the bathroom. Surprise! Bishop isn’t happy because he thinks the FEDS are after him and wants her to find out more. Speaking of being wanted by the FEDS, Lana comes into the bathroom where Kalinda is hiding out, sprinkles some kisses on Kalinda’s bare shoulders and plays with her hair. Damn, these two will be the death of me. Kalinda looks at Lana with an expression that is unfamiliar when worn upon her face. Could it be…affection? Maybe even happiness?


In the university rape trial, the young woman named Jody testifies about her encounter with the accused student, Troy. As she gives an account of her side, Troy keeps interrupting and calling her a liar. Alicia stands up to stop the madness, and she is told that she is simply a silent advocate and cannot actually interject during the trial. Alicia does interrupt again, but this time to ask for a bathroom break. While she is alone with Jody, she advises her that Troy can only interrupt with questions, not statements, and asks for Jody’s phone number. When they get back into the trial, Alicia begins texting Jody on the sly to help her out.

Eli and Johnny are watching some playback from the focus group when Alicia walks in. She catches one of the participants calling her entitled and selfish. While Eli and Johnny try to get her to focus on Prady being the real issue, the woman’s comments really get under Alicia’s skin.


As Kalinda attempts to collect her car from Lana’s parking garage (this is not a euphemism) Bishop and his men are waiting for her. She gets in his car, where Bishop reveals he knows about her relationship with Federal Agent Lana Delany. He doesn’t like it one bit. Kalinda insists that Lana isn’t involved with any investigations tied to Bishop, but he doesn’t believe her. He asks her to spy on Lana and find out what she is really working on.

Now that Finn has moved into Alicia’s office building (also not a euphemism), she pops by with some scotch to welcome him. She asks him to level with her: Is she entitled and selfish? He doesn’t believe so and says that he too has been accused of being “obsessed with his own pain” before. He suggests that doing good for others might make her feel more humble, and tells her about the soup kitchen where he volunteers.

Back at the campus rape trial, the campus police captain takes the stand and says that Jody refused a rape kit, which he found strange. Also, she wasn’t crying. You can practically see steam shooting out of Alicia’s ears as he makes assumptions about Jody based on these two very normal responses to being assaulted. Alicia texts Jody to ask about the availability of rape kits on campus. Turns out they don’t actually have any, which the captain already knew.

Diane brings in her old frenemy Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson) to cross examine Cary, because she knows that Viola will find a way to push all of Cary’s buttons. Howard stands in as the judge, but mostly just moons over Viola. Right off the bat, Viola catches Cary in a lie. Back when he was an ASA, Cary told Geneva Pine that he didn’t work for Bishop, when he clearly did at Lockhart Gardner before he was let go. Viola also points out that Cary somehow managed to keep up his accustomed style of living, even when his ASA paycheck was less than half of his LG salary. She suggests that Cary used his power as ASA to make evidence disappear and let Bishop go free. Of course, Cary denies this.


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