A black lesbian from Malibu, California tries the Gay Rodeo in “This is Life with Lisa Ling”


Lisa Ling frequently featured LGBT people on her OWN series In The Life, so it’s great to see she’s continuing her coverage on her new CNN show, This is Life with Lisa Ling. On this Sunday’s episode, Lisa goes to the gay rodeo, where she meets the cowboys and cowgirls that compete in the circuit.

One of those cowgirls is Brianna, a 27-year-old from Malibu, California who says she grew up super Conservative and competitive, with an interest in all things Western. Lisa follows Brianna and she tries saddle bronc riding for the first time ever in Santa Fe. Their conversations about her youth and relationship with her parents is just as crucial to the story as her learning how to stay on a bucking bronco for six seconds or more.

Screen shot of Lisa Ling at Lesbian Rodeo show

My only complaint about the episode, outside of Brianna, is that it is gay male focused. Anyone who would be interested in more about the Gay Rodeo Association and its prime players should check out Queens & Cowboys, a documentary that made the rounds at LGBT film festivals last year and included several different competitors of all sexual and gender identities, as well as visiting a handful of rodeo locations throughout an entire year.

This is Life With Lisa Ling airs Sunday, November 9th at 10pmET/PT.

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