Kara’s lesbian mom returns for a pivotal moment on “Red Band Society”


If you haven’t been watching Red Band Society, here’s an update on all the characters since our last recap.

Kara: Kara convinces Nurse Jackson to let her go to her school’s homecoming, as long as Nurse blank chaperones. Nurse Brittany is excited to go because she has just broken up with her boyfriend and needs a distraction. Nurse Brittany decides that Emma could also use a distraction and convinces her to go as well. At the dance, Kara discovers that the kids who once feared her now pity her, which, for her, is a fate worse than death. Leo, who had originally shown up at the dance to support Emma, saves the day by telling her whole school what a raging bitch she is and Kara is so grateful that she kisses him.

The Leo/Emma/Jordi love triangle: Emma is torn between her first love, Leo, and the interesting and attractive newcomer, Jordi. While Leo has history on his side, Jordi has failing health and Mama drama on his. Although Jordi’s mother shows up (surprise—she’s not dead!), she eventually ditches him when she discovers that he is sicker than she thought. She leaves in the middle of the night without saying goodbye, providing strong evidence as to why he lied to everyone in the first place. She does however sign over her rights, which allows Jordi to become emancipated and make his own medical decisions.

young love

Jordi decides he just wants to be friends with Emma. He doesn’t need any more complications in his life. Emma decides she just wants to be friends with Leo. After all, there was a probably a reason why they broke up in the first place, right? But that doesn’t last long. Leo kisses Emma. Jordi makes a move and holds her hand. And the battle for Emma’s heart is on!

Dash: Dash receives the wonderful news that he has moved up on the organ donor list. All he needs is a “tune-up” and then he can go home and wait for his new pair of lungs to arrive. But he’s not sure that he wants to take them. If he did have the surgery, it would only be for his parents. He has accepted his fate. He knows he’s not going to live forever and he’s not afraid to die. He just wants to be remembered.

To that end, he tells Kara that he’ll give her the secret to getting on the UNOS list if she helps him get into a luxury apartment building. Although he won’t tell her why he wants to get into the building, Kara uses her Moms real estate agent to get into an empty apartment. They ditch the real estate agent by pretending Dash is a decorator who needs to be alone with the space to get its story, and run up to the roof where Dash paints a gorgeous, huge piece of art that the Red Banders can see from the roof from the hospital.

The gang on the roof

Charlie: Coma Boy’s story is revealed and here is the gist: Charlie and his parents were at a party when his dad decides it’s time to go home. Charlie’s mom is having a good time so she stays behind, relying on a friend to drive her home later. Charlie has eaten too much sugar and is throwing up in the back seat, so his dad suggests that he lie down. Sure it’s raining and dark, but they’re almost home, so he helps Charlie take off his seatbelt. Just as the seat belt is releasedBAM! Charlie’s mom blames his dad for the accident and Charlie’s coma, and files a restraining order against him. It’s been four months since the accident and two months since he left the ICU. Since he hasn’t woken up yet, the insurance guys in suits have decided that he move on to a rehabilitation center.

Charlie and Nurse Jackson

Nurse Jackson isn’t ready to give up on the idea that Charlie will wake up. She made a promise to him the night that he came to the hospital that she would be there when he woke up, and she intends to keep that promise. So she does something illegal and potentially unethical. She switches out the blood in for Charlie’s labs, putting his name on the blood of another patient’s vial in a last ditch effort to stall his transfer.

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