“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.4): Heartbreak


Let me start by saying that, unfortunately, there was no lesbian sexy time in this episode of Jane the Virgin. In fact, there was no sign of Dr. Luisa. But, we were graced by Rose’s presence. She was worried about Luisa, and whether or not she had fallen off the wagon. Rose leaves Luisa a voice message stating that if she isn’t back in time for the hearing, then Jane will receive a default judgment and Rafael loses his share of the hotel. We want more “Ruisa” (Luisa and Rose)!!!!

The episode begins with Jane, Michael and Xiomara sitting around the dining room table, dressed with wedding magazines, busy planning the wedding that is a week away. While everyone around her is happy about the wedding planning, Jane sits with an unhappy look on her face. She blames it on the pressure of planning the wedding in such a short amount of time. Later that night, with Michael asleep next to her, Jane has a sex dream of Rafael going down on her.

The next day, Jane tells Xiomara about the dream. Xiomara’s advice is for Jane to avoid Rafael until her feelings for him go away. Not so easy, especially when the man is technically her boss. At work that same day, Rafael is waiting for Jane at the bar to ask her to write an article on the hotel for the magazine. Since the dream, a halo glows around Rafael’s head whenever she sees him. Jane agrees to help him out. After a dream like the one she had, how could she say no!

JTV 4-1

After that, Mr. Solano tells Rafael that he is upset about the memorial he threw in Zazo’s honor, with the investigation still going on. He feels that Rafael needs supervision, and since he won’t be able to stick around and supervise, he brings in the VP of his company, Lachlan. Lachlan was promoted over Rafael, years ago, when Rafael was still a playboy. And turns out, Lachlan was engaged to Petra when Rafael swooped in and stole her heart. That is, if she has a heart. And as you might have guessed it, Lachlan is as dirty as Petra. Overhearing Rafael’s plans for expansion, he meets with Petra where she agrees to help him with his own plans for expansion so he can one up Rafael.

That afternoon, Jane and Michael attend a pre-cana with Fr. Ortega. Pre-cana is a meeting non-married couples are to have with a priest before they can get married in the church. The awkward Fr. Ortega describes marriage as a vehicle that will hit bumps in the road. Aside from Jane being pregnant, the second bump is Jane having feelings for Rafael. After telling Fr. Ortega about the pregnancy mishap, he asks Jane if there was a physical connection between her and Rafael. She hesitates, a very long hesitation. This didn’t sit right with Michael. Jane then explains the sexy dream she had of Rafael. Michael leaves for work infuriated with Jane.

JTV 4-2

Back at the hotel, Jane makes it a point to tell Rafael that from that day forward she will no longer speak with him and will only communicate with Petra in regards to the baby. Her reasoning is the fact that she’s suing Rafael’s sister, Luisa. But, before she can do that she comes across Rogelio in the pool area, who is stalking his daughter again. She runs away from Rogelio after he tells her getting married in a week is too soon. Now she is creeped out by him and runs off, but not before running into Rafael about a hundred feet away. Jane tells Rafael they shouldn’t speak anymore. He inches forward and she inches back. Jane falls into the pool and Rafael, being the chivalrous guy that he is, jumps into the four feet of water to save Jane. They both find it comical and are mid laughter when Michael passes by and sees them. Jane runs after him but Michael doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. Instead, he tells her, “I want to be with you forever. But if you have feelings for another guy, I don’t think we should be getting married.”

JTV 4-3

Jane goes to Xiomara for advice about her situation with Michael. She advises Jane to “bang him with gusto.” But, since Jane isn’t banging anyone just yet, Xiomara tells Jane to do her own version of banging with gusto. So, Jane does what she does best. She writes Michael a sexy, XXX rated letter because, after all, she’s a virgin, not a saint. The next morning she takes the letter to Michael’s job and places it in his bag. After a while of not hearing from Michael, she goes back to the station to ask him if he read the letter. Just before arriving, Michael is in a meeting where he is told that if there is no other suspect, then Petra is going down. Jane arrives and asks if he read the letter. He read the letter all right. The letter being the magazine article about the hotel she was to write for Rafael. Which means that Rafael read the XXX rated letter.

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