“Survivor’s Remorse” recap (1.5 ): Claiming What’s Yours


Episode five of Survivor’s Remorse opens at yet another press event for Cam Calloway. He’s signing posters and hitting on hot girls while cheerleaders shake their pom poms and old friends from Dorchester come out of the woodwork. Jay Holbrook approaches Reggie as he is ending a conversation with a Chinese shoe company who may be interested in signing Cam on an endorsement deal.

Reggie is surprised to see his old friend, especially since he is supposed to be serving time in the Massachusetts state penitentiary for stealing a car with a baby inside, right after high school. Lucky for Jay the prison system is overcrowded and there are sick fucks who have been incarcerated for committing worse crimes than he did and he was released on time served. Unfortunately he was released a month too late for the minor league baseball try-outs in Boston, so he took a 17-hour bus ride to see if Cam and Reggie could get him a spot in the tryouts in Atlanta.

Reggie seems hesitant but Jay assures him that he has changed. He isn’t the same fuck-up he was back in the day. Reggie tells Jay that he’ll make a call. He asks Jay if he needs any money and Jay insists that he didn’t come down there for that. He does however want to go see Cam who is several feet away signing autographs. But Reggie convinces him to wait for now. He doesn’t want to get Cam involved until he knows whether or not they will be able to help Jay out.

In the very next scene Reggie is on the phone with Jay as he strolls around in his back yard while Missy plants flowers in the garden. He blows him off with promises of steak dinners and floor seat tickets when He and Cam are back in Boston and hurriedly gets off the phone. Missy asks who is trying to blow off and Reggie explains that Jay was friend and fellow baller back in high school. As a matter of fact, he was the best baller in school until he committed a felony, lost his full ride to Syracuse University, and earned himself 10 years in prison.

Missy believes in redemption

When Missy suggests that maybe Jay has changed, Reggie goes on a long rant about how people don’t ever really change no matter how well ex-cons excel at making you believe they’ve turned over a new leaf. Missy believes in redemption but Reggie claims that he has too much going on to deal with Jay such as weighing endorsement deals and finding a house for Cassie and M-Chuck. It seems that the apartment they were living in was only leased from month to month because he knew that after a couple of months of living in the same building, Cam was going to want some more space.

Cut to: Cassie Calloway walking into a gorgeous kitchen in an expansive home. As the real estate agent gives M-Chuck and Reggie a tour, Cassie stays behind to appreciate her favorite room in the house.  Delia, the owner of the house, walks in to retrieve a pie out of the oven and she and Cassie talk. Turns out Delia’s last name is Calloway, too. And like Cassie Calloway, she loves to bake. When Delia forces Cassie to take a bit of her peach pie, Cassie is in awe.

“Girl, is that cayenne in there?” Cassie asks.

“Honey, cayenne is the secret ingredient. What kind of super palette are you working over there?”

Cassie takes the plate of pie right out of Delia’s hand. “Don’t play with me,” Cassie says. “I knows how to work it in the kitchen.”

Lounging in the back yard.

Later, Cassie and M-Chuck lounge on Adriondack chairs in the back yard while the real estate agent and Reggie talk about the property. Cassie has decided that this is her dream house and she must have it. M-Chuck agrees.

“I like the high-rise but this is a back-motherfucking-yard!”

Motherfucking back yard.

Reggie warns the ladies not to sound too eager in front of the owner but promises to look at the comparables and talk to Cam about it.

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