“The Good Wife” recap (6.7): Questions are for dopes


After so many excellent Good Wife episodes, we were bound to stumble upon a clunker. Last night’s episode was not without its charms, but they were few and far between. Once again, we are all put through another Cary bail hearingor is it the same one? Anyway, we get to Finn’s perspective, as he tries to push the trial back an additional two months. The judge rules against him, and the trial will go on as scheduled in 58 days. When he’s back in his office, Castro drops by to give Finn his daily dose of bullshit. Finn gets down to sussing out Cary’s character, and that means checking in with Geneva Pine, talking to cops, and a lab technician who tells Finn about a big ol’ heap of cocaine that went missing last year from a case Cary was working on—a case involving Lemond Bishop.


Finn meets up with Alicia, his new drinking buddy, at the bar and she slides over a tequila. Because Finn is a decent human being (and probably a little bit in love with Alicia) he pulls her aside and warns her that Cary might be in deeper than she knows. He cautions her to isolate herself from any nastiness that might be associated with him. When Alicia arrives at the office (the old Lockhart Gardner joint) she passed Finn’s vague warning on to Diane. Florrick Agos Lockhart has also found that they have too much office space on their hands, and agrees to consider renting out office space to independent lawyers and small firms.

Peter is a guest on a political talk show hosted by Frank Prady (David Hyde Pierce) when Eli notices a gent in the wings. The fellow’s name is Warren Plepp, and his presence is making Eli mighty suspicious. Why? Well, he’s a petition bundler, which means that he helps candidates get on ballots. Eli practically chases Plepp right out of the building. He gathers Johnny Elfman and they approach Alicia at the office to tell her that if Prady runs for office, she’s a dead woman walking. Cary pops his head in to say he’s been summoned to court, but this time he’s feeling hopeful. Alicia, isn’t quite so sure. Eli and Johnny try to convince her to go to Prady and ask for his endorsement, so feel out if he’s actually running.

In bail court, Finn slaps Cary with a Proof of Other Crimes charge. He’s accused of secretly working for Bishop while an ASA. Cary makes that face that he always makes. I think it signifies emotional pain, or he could have gotten a splinter, I’m not quite sure.


Alicia stops by Peter’s office and runs into her old chum Ramona. Ramon is being considered as counsel for Peter, and happens to be the mother of “Lauren the intern”. Like Alicia, she took years off to raise children, so they bond for a mo’ over that. Alicia sincerely wishes Ramona luck, and heads off to meet with Eli and Johnny. Frank Prady wants to meet with Alicia that day, so they try to prep her to win his favor. That and scare him from running, if that was even in his mind.

Geneva Pine appears in court to testify against Cary’s character, and make him look mighty suspicious. It works. Kalinda also arrives, but has to keep at least thirty feet away from Cary at all times. While Diane tries to convince the judge that Cary took on Bishop cases to raise his own profile, Cary and Kalinda text each other and make googly eyes like a couple of high school sophomores.

At Frank Prady’s studio, Alicia is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of cookies his loyal fans send him. This dude is popular. He thinks she’s there to pitch him for an interview, but she just comes out with it: she wants his endorsement. He’s taken aback by her honesty. Alicia also learns that she really hates how it feels to ask people for things.


Still in court, Finn brings up a cop to testify against Cary, saying that since he was the ASA, sometimes CAry liked to do things off the books. Diane asks Cary, “what the shit?!” but in her Diane way. Cary did check the coke out, but to expedite the charges. When he gets back to the office, Kalinda calls him from down the hall. She is concerned that Cary is protecting Peter who was his boss at the time. She’s so flustered, her English accent doesn’t even pretend to hide anymore. If Cary won’t bring Peter into it, then she will.

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