“Arrow” recap (3.4): Back with a Vengeance


Previously on Arrow, Sara Lance was brutally murdered by some black arrows, Thea found out Malcolm Merlyn was her father and went to train with him on a remote island, and Nyssa showed up in Starling City looking for her ex-girlfriend. (I say ex-girlfriend, and will throughout, only because we never got any confirmation that they got back together. I’d like to believe they did, though.)

We pick up where we left off, in Team Arrow’s Headquarters, with Nyssa demanding to know where Sara is. She tells Oliver that Sara left on a mission for the League of Assassins two weeks ago, and when she never so much as reported back, Nyssa got worried and came after her. Oliver tells Nyssa that there’s something she needs to know, but he doesn’t have to say the words; she understands instantly.

ARROW 304-1 I imagine the list of things that make an assassin cry is very short.

Nyssa’s hands tremble ever so slightly as she puts down her bow and arrow. Her voice catches in her throat as she asks where Sara’s body is. He tells Nyssa that they buried Sara in her old grave, and Nyssa stalks off. Oliver tells Roy to follow Nyssa, carefully, because she might know something they don’t that will help them find who did this.

The reason Oliver can’t do the Nyssa-stalking himself is because he’s meeting Thea for dinner. Oliver offers to pay to make up for being late, but Thea says that Starling City missed their singular dance club and she has investors willing to help her open Verdant back up again. Oliver tells Thea that she seems stronger, and asks if she’s been seeing anyone, because heaven forbid she just got stronger on her own. To his credit, though, he didn’t ask if she had a boyfriend. He kept it gender neutral. I appreciate that, Ollie. Sara taught you well. Thea tells him to quit playing detective and stick to her big brother.

ARROW 304-2 Is there a canon DC villain Thea is going to become? Magician’s Assistant or something?

Laurel is visiting Sara’s grave when Nyssa appears in the shadows as silently as darkness itself. Nyssa gets down on one knee and pays her respects before turning to Laurel and offering her condolences. Laurel, having recovered from the shock of seeing her sister’s ex, throws the condolences back in Nyssa’s face.

ARROW 304-3 How is Laurel hotter all banged up? HOW?

She blames Nyssa for bringing out the part of Sara that made her join the League of Assassins, the killer in her. Nyssa tells Laurel she loved Sara, with all her heart and all her soul. She did everything she could to protect her. She even gave her the jacket Laurel is wearing, a jacket Nyssa says she is not worthy of.

Nyssa leaves a fuming Laurel in the graveyard and goes to a hideaway to cry. Even though her emotional walls are down, her defenses are still up, so when Oliver shows up, she’s on her feet faster than most people can blink away a tear.

ARROW 304-4 Why couldn’t she have had this much screentime when Sara was still alive? WHY?

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