Carrie Fisher joins the fray on “Weeds”


As a kid, I fell in love with a galaxy far, far away. I saw Star Wars for the first time at age 6. Darth Vader scared the bejeepers out of me and gave me nightmares for months. But I remember acting out my own versions of the flick in the basement with a male friend of mine. He played Leia, and I played Han. You do the math. (You’re only half right. He’s straight.)

As a teenager, I became obsessed with Han Solo. Here’s how big a Star Wars freak I was. In junior high and high school I had a couple of friends who were equally obsessed. We called each other Luke, Han and Lando. I was Han. At one point in my life, I could’ve recited Episode IV from beginning to end, with no help from the movie itself.

Imagine my confusion when George Lucas went back and either added or changed several scenes. Totally threw off my timing. These days, I need the movie as background noise to toss me a line now and again. If only I had understood much sooner that my Han Solo obsession had nothing to do with him and everything to do with his girlfriend, how much different my life would have been. Best Leia line ever? “I am not a committee!”

Is it any wonder why I wanted to be Han?

So imagine my glee this past Monday night, when my wandering eyes did behold one Carrie Fisher delivering a little smoke on Weeds. She played Arlene Cutter, divorce attorney extraordinaire, whom Elizabeth Perkins‘ character, Celia, has hired to handle her divorce from Dean.

Fisher was hysterically funny, in her quintessential way. Arlene’s advice to Celia? Get closer to daughter Isabelle so she can cash in on Isabelle’s money-making Huskaroos deal by seeking sole custody. She even went so far as to suggest Celia use nonexistent sexual abuse of their daughter by Dean as a tool for winning custody. Celia shot her down, but it’s clear this lawyer has no scruples. She’s smarmy and manipulative as hell. I would expect nothing less from a show that turned a squeaky-clean suburban housewife into a dope dealer.

Seeing Fisher on Weeds was a nice surprise. I don’t typically follow the show, so I had no idea she’d signed on to guest star. What didn’t surprise me was the biting humor she displayed. It’s not like she’s never shown off the dark wit before. She seems to have a strange affinity for slightly off-kilter nuns and singing fake nuns. (She had a hand in writing Sister Act.)

Speaking of writing, if you’ve read any of her books, you know the woman shoots some of the funniest daggers around. Even better, she’s not afraid to aim a few of those daggers at herself.

If you don’t have Showtime (what are you waiting for?), scoot on over to the Weeds website and check out a brief clip of Fisher in action from Monday night. While you’re at it, check out the special features. Recently, thelinster told you about one of those special features called Good Morning Agrestic, and she gave you a heads up about a Good Morning Agrestic video of Isabelle and Celia that hadn’t been uploaded yet.

Well it is now, and it’s entitled “My Daughter Is a Lesbian.” Best part? Celia blames herself for Isabelle being gay by saying, “I didn’t breast feed, OK? I admit it.”

Pam, in host role, responds with, “So now she’s looking for the breast later in life.” Classic. Check it out.

On a completely unrelated side note, I found this shot of Fisher and Tracey Ullman while digging around for suitable Fisher photos for this post and couldn’t resist a little caption action.

Just kiss her already! You know we want you to.

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