“Marry Me” recap (1.3): Scary Me


*We have started recapping Marry Me for its lesbian character, Kay (played by Tymberlee Hall).*

Annie, Jake, Dennah and Kay are all drinking wine in the middle of the afternoon when Gil arrives super excited (read: trying too hard to be excited) about his first Halloween without his ex-wife Cassie in 10 years. Since he doesn’t have to hang out with Cassie’s dumb friends this year, he wants to know what his dumb friends are doing to celebrate.

Jake tells him that he, Annie and Dennah are continuing their tradition by attending the annual Halloween HellaRage party hosted by Tupac’s hologram.

“Zagat lovingly called it a fucking hot mess,” Annie explains.

Gil is intrigued but wants to consider all his options. “So Kay, what do you got going on and can non-lesbians attend?”

“I’m sticking with the classic: Trick-or-Treating. Costumes. Fresh air. Free Candy. Mic drop,” she answers.

mic drop

Gil decides to go old school with Kay because he loves candy and the last time he went to a hip party, everyone thought he was the valet.

Annie and Jake’s neighbor Juliea supermom handling business on two different smart phones while nursing a baby strapped to her chestrings the doorbell to invite Annie and Jake to the planning meeting for the apartment building’s Halloween celebration. But only because, for safety reasons, she’s legally obligated to do so. She doesn’t actually expect them to come or anything. The baby sucks her right boob dry and as she attempts to get the baby unlatched and switched to the left one, Kay cocks her head to try to get a glimpse of the goods.

Trying to catch a glimpse

Annie is offended by Julie’s superior attitude and yet, when it seems that they aren’t invited to the HellaRage party after all, Annie convinces Jake to participate in the building’s party by creating a haunted house.

“One of my favorite memories of when I was a kid was when my dad did their haunted house,” Annie tells Jake. “All the neighbors said it was as scary as it was gay.”

“Sounds like a pretty intolerant neighborhood,” says Jake.

“Yeah, we had to move shortly thereafter.”

When Annie and Jake show up at the planning committee to suggest their haunted house idea, Julie shuts them down saying that it would be a safety hazard. This infuriates Annie who decides to do the haunted house anyway.

Later, Annie and Jake are showing Kay their Haunted House set up when Gil arrives with awesome news.

“So Kay, my sweet friend whose name is also a letter, I did a little research and I found the best trick-or-treating street in town. I’m talking full size candy bars! They got so much candy that The New England Journal of Medicine declared the whole neighborhood a diabetes cluster!”

Full size candy bars

“Wow!” Kay breathes. “I’ve only dreamed of full-size bars. I mean, I can always go by one myself but candy is much sweeter when you beg strangers for it.”

“I did take the liberty of grabbing a few costumes for us because we do need ones that obscure the fact that we are adults,” he says.

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