Tymberlee Hill plays a lesbian on “Marry Me”


Marry Me, starring the hilarious Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) and Ken Marino (Bad Teacher, East Bound and Down), is the second highest rated television show this fall. The NBC show follows Annie and Jake, a long-time couple who gets engaged and discover that happily ever after is harder than it looks. David Caspe, who also created Happy Endings, produces the single-camera comedy, so you can expect the same kind of fast-paced verbal hijinks and ludicrous, even farcical situations. And now there is another reason to watch the show: There’s a lesbian!

Tymberlee Hill

Tymberlee Williams plays Kay, Annie’s eccentric but well-meaning neighbor who just happens to be into the ladies. In the second episode of Marry Me, Kay is helping Jake move into Annie’s apartment when she gets “nipped” by someone on “Boobr,” a lesbian dating app.

“It’s like Grindr for gay guys or Tindr for straight guys and whores,” Kay explains. She skips out of unpacking duties to “get it, get it, and forget it.”

Tune in tonight for Marry Me‘s Halloween episode, and check back tomorrow for a recap of the first few episodes.

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