8 Lesbianish Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Right Now


OK, lez be honest: Not all of us (raises hand) are super crafty DIYers that can whip up a cool cosplay outfit to win costume contests every Halloween. Sometimes you are low on time, creativity or funds to pull together a truly inspired outfit for a ghoulish get-together and need to buy something off the rack (or the internet—thank the goddess for overnight shipping). We did some digging to find the least offensive (no “Sexy Whatevers” here) items you can buy before Friday.

This Ellen DeGeneres wig. (Looks to be circa the sitcom era. Pair with some ill-fitting slacks and a turtleneck.)


An Orange is the New Black jumpsuit. (Your pick of boring brown or electric orange!)



A Santana-inspired Cheerios outfit. (Sass not included.)


Jane Lynch‘s Sue Sylvester tracksuit. (In case you don’t have one of your own already.)


Rosie O’Donnell‘s Rockford Peaches uniform from A League of Their Own. (Fine, you can be Marla Hooch if you prefer.)


The official Xena: Warrior Princess armor. (Make your girlfriend go as Gabrielle.)


Black Canary’s black leather bodysuit. (Not cheap but surely a party pleaser.)


Joan Jett rocker hair. (Just throw on some black denim or leather and look tough.)


I cannot vouch for the quality of these items, only that they are useful for those of us who do not plan for the holiday in advance.

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