“Survivor’s Remorse” recap (1.4): Standing on Faith


Reggie was wrong. Nike didn’t call. But Under Armour did. And while Cam and Uncle J played video games and M-Chuck and Mama Cass debated the worthiness of the Georgia Peach, Reggie set up a meeting on with the sportswear company to secure a possible endorsement deal.

The next day, the Calloways go to church. As the Calloway family is ushered to their seats, Cassie asks M-Chuck about her date who is limping down the aisle in broken heels and wearing the same dress she wore the night before.

Cassie: What’s this one’s name?

M-Chuck: I’m not sure.

Cassie: She slept over-night and you don’t even know her name?

M-Chuck: If I had to guess, I’d go with Judith.

Cassie: Why would you invite her to church?

M-Chuck: I didn’t. When you said, “Get in the car. We’re going to church,” she got in. So you invited her.

Cassie: I am so glad we are getting back to praising God and thanking him for our blessings.

M-Chuck: His blessings were few and far between for a long time.

Who dis_

But Cam wants to believe. He tells his uncle that the church a man chooses says a lot about him. It seems he is still trying to figure out what he wants to say.

As the church service begins, M-Chuck holds Judith’s (?) hand, which is noticed by the Pastor on the pulpit. He is distracted for a moment but recovers to deliver a powerful message about giving glory to God for all your achievements. Cam is feeling it.

holding hands

After the service ends, the family gathers around the refreshment table. Judith offers Uncle Julius a donut, but he refuses because donuts are made with molasses.

“I refuse to eat anything my ancestors have been bartered for,” Julius says.

“Then you goin’ get skinny.” M-Chuck replies.

The pastor chases Cam down before he leaves. He wants Cam to know that he understands that he is visiting a lot of churches in order to find the right fit for him and his family, and he wanted to urge him consider his community. Having Cam among the fellowship would bring a lot of other wayward and searching souls to the church. Cam assures the pastor that his search is over. He and his household will be returning next week.

The pastor is pleased but has one request. He asks Cam to tell his sister to cease and desist on the PDA. He doesn’t have a problem with it, of course. He knows he is living in “modern times”. Yet, he must think about his congregation. Cam agrees to talk to her.

Back at the house, Cam broaches the subject with M-Chuck, and she is rightfully offended.

M-Chuck defends herself

M-Chuck: Fuck him and his woman-hating church.

Uncle Julius: You met the girl last night in a club. Who cares?

M-Chuck: I won’t tolerate discrimination.

Cassie: Look, he don’t want straight people pawing at each other in the pews either. It’s church. Chill.

M-Chuck: We may not live on Mars, but one Venus should be able to love another Venus without criticism.

Uncle Julius: No, we live on Earth. So you can’t finger fuck people in church.

M-Chuck: I wasn’t doing anything crass. I was holding her hand! (to Cam) He’s a hater. I’m not going to let you join a church that hates. That preacher’s lucky that I showed the restraint that I did. Ya’ll saw her ass! That is hard evidence of God on earth right there.

Cassie: Just like Niagara Falls.

M-Chuck: Look, I love that we were all together this morning, but I ain’t gonna join a church that won’t let me be myself.

As she storms off, Cam looks pensive.

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