“The Good Wife” recap (6.6): You Gotta Have Faith


Oh fun! This week’s Good Wife opens with politicians talking about religion with Pastor Jeremiah, something Alicia is loathe to do. Johnny Elfman wants Alicia to lie about her faith, because you know, she doesn’t have one. A stanch atheist, Johnny informs Alicia that she will lose the election if she doesn’t believe in God. During this discussion, the door bell rings and there stands Eli’s daughter, Marissa. She’s supposed to be Alicia’s “body woman” which is just another way to say personal assistant/spy. Marissa is upfront about that last part. Plus, the best kind of spy is the kind that doesn’t give a shit. Elsbeth calls Alicia wondering where she is, since they have a meeting with the FBI on the books. It was apparently rescheduled, which is news to Elsbeth, who assumes this is AUSA Kyle MacLachlan…er, Perotti’s way of getting her alone. She resents/is turned on by that thought. She busts into a meeting he is conducting to give him a piece of her mind. Turns out her secretary forgot to give her the message. (“Fantasia,” Elsbeth grumbles.) When she leaves, embarrassed, Perotti chases her down because he is sprung like spring for her. Like the perfect weirdos they are, they sniff each other. Baby lotion (Elsbeth) and Old Spice (Perotti) become nearly intoxicating to one another.


It’s business as usual at Lockhart Gardner Canning, until David Lee is presented with an eviction notice from Diane. LGC tries to strike back by slapping Diane with a bunch of OSHA fines. Kalinda is pretty sure she can find a loophole, and it’s a good thing, since Alicia and Cary can’t stop bickering about moving office space. Cary happens to be at a Harvard Law mixer, where his reputation makes him both a pariah and the most desirable guy in the room. He ends up leaving the event with an attractive, kind of drunk, lady lawyer.

Alicia and Elsbeth are in the “In My Opinion” judge’s courtroom, and thankfully Alicia knows how to roll with it. The AUSA’s witness, an app designer named Nils, reveals that he was contracted with the Dept. of Defense before working for J-Serve. The same code he used in Defense software, was also used in the app that J-Serve sold to a Chinese company. Alicia quickly puts it together that the AUSA is actually gunning for an Economic Espionage charge, which sounds exciting and exceedingly boring at the same time. AUSA Perotti admits that is the direction they are heading in, and if convicted, Ms. Vargas could face ten to fifteen years in jail.

Perotti is so smitten with Elsbeth’s scent, that he’s now sniffing random babies. When court is back in session, Alicia tells Ms. Vargas that in order to be guilty of espionage, one has to be aware that secrets were being traded. Elsbeth takes the lead, since she has a secret weapon to distract Perotti: Her pinky finger, which she gently presses against his, throwing off his game. It works in the same respect for Elsbeth, who has to defer to Alicia to take over. Since the witness is Mr. Fong, who the week earlier had refereed to Ms. Vargas as “bitchy” and actively tried to keep information from her, Alicia uses his piss poor attitude to give reasonable doubt as to how much Ms. Vargas was actually privy to.

Kalinda and Diane show up at Lockhart Gardner Canning to discuss the lease situation with David and Louis. Louis is waiting on a kidney transplant, and Diane does feel for him in some ways. Although, with Canning, you never know what he might be up to. Kalinda presents Louis with violations on his three properties, totaling over a million dollars in fines. Louis knows that they’ve got him beat this time, but he and David have something else up their sleeve. According to the lease amendment, the landlord (Diane) is required to be on premises. Since she hasn’t been for a month, Diane is in violation of the lease. Once again, Kalinda has an idea. Find someone who is still on staff, that they can woo over to Florrick Agos Lockhart. Cue good old Howard.


Since Alicia is backed into a corner about the religious meeting with Pastor Jeremiah, she turns to Grace for a crash course in faith. Alicia is still hesitant to say she believes, because she simply doesn’t. Grace kindly asks her mother, why she doesn’t believe and Alicia tells her, “I don’t feel it the way you do.” I have to admit, I’ve really loved these moments between Grace and Alicia. Defending Alicia’s atheism at the same as embracing Grace’s faith, just shows how in touch the Good Wife writers are with the real struggles we all go through but often feel uncomfortable talking about.

Cary stumbles home with the lawyer lady on his arm, and he runs smack dab into Joy, his Pretrial Services Officer. She’s there to do a random spot check, and it doesn’t help that Cary is pretty wasted. Joy requests to see Cary’s Uber receipt, and notices that he was a quarter of a mile outside the state line. She calls officers to arrest him for parole violation.

When Alicia finally sits down with Pastor Jeremiah, he brings up the atheist question. She refers to her “dogmatism decreasing”, and looks a little bit like she’s chewing broken glass as she lies about her turnabout in faith. The Pastor asks if her awakening has to do with Will’s shooting, and her face turns ashen. He then brings up Grace’s faith, a subject Alicia feels uncomfortable discussing, as she tries to keep her children’s private lives, private. She does tell him that Grace has had an impact on her faith. After the interview, Alicia and Marissa sit in the car together and talk about God. Marissa agrees that it’s a private matter. Alicia simply hates pretending to be someone she isn’t.


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