The Most Leztastic Moments from the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween Special


Fans of Pretty Little Liars finally got a front row seat last night to the much anticipated¬† and wickedly fun Halloween fan special, “We Love You to DeAth.” While we learned a lot of fun facts about the cast and crew, there were some terrific lez-leaning moments that we were excited about.

1. Emily has serious swagger.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.48.14 PM

Like you didn’t know that already. Yes, in a special video montage, they even showed all of Emily’s past and present paramours. Shay Mitchell also jokes about the fact that Emily has had the most love interests on the show. One of her favorite scenes is when she and Paige reconnect by the pool: “Don’t look away.” We never will, Emily. We never will.

2. Everyone wants more time with Lindsey Shaw.


Quick, time to whip out your McHastings fan fiction! This is certainly a no-brainer as Lindsey Shaw is wildly talented and any excuse to see more of her on screen we heartily agree with.

3. Emison and Paily shippers are dedicated. VERY DEDICATED.


“Emison has gotten so crazy,” says Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison DiLaurentis. “Our fans are big with shipping and it’s interesting to see how strongly they feel about that. That’s one of the main questions. ‘So, how do you feel about Paily or Emison?'” Whether you are a die-hard Paily shipper, or obsessed with Emison, the facts that there is a same sex love triangle at all on a show like Pretty Little Liars, is pretty groundbreaking.

4. Paige will be wearing boxer shorts in the Christmas special. BOXER SHORTS!

Xmas PLL

While this may not seem like a big deal to some fans, the fact that Paige who typically presents as a soft butch, will be wearing boxers just like the male love interests, is a very nice touch. She will also apparently be wearing the official lesbian formal-wear: a white suit. Thank you, Bette Porter.

5. Mona is still dead, still awesome.


Janel Parrish made a special appearance to talk about the legacy of Mona Vanderwaal and how much she has loved playing the character. So many Monas, and we loved them all. Especially Best-Frenemie-Crush-Harboring Mona and Mask-Wearing-Makeout Mona. Honorable mention to Cowbrain-Locker Mona.

5. MAYA!!!!


As part of the dearly departed interview sessions, Bianca Lawson, who played Maya popped up to show her endless love for the PLL fans. She, too, wonders how much Maya really knew, and what greater role she played in the story.

6. Friendship is what keeps the Liars so strong (and blessedly alive).

PLL Friendship

Sure we may joke about Sparia and Hannily, but the bond of female friendship is what makes the show so deeply special. As Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick tells us, “Even though high school is the most powerless time in your life, these girls were empowered by their friendship.” Shay Mitchell adds that Emily is the stalwart of the group, the one who dedicates herself to protecting and standing by her friends.

Here’s a little something to tide you over until December.

The Pretty Little Liars Christmas Special airs December 9th on ABC Family.

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