“Faking It” gets 10 more episodes!


Great news!/Terrible news! Faking It, your favorite new show/an affront to womankind everywhere, has had 10 more episodes tacked on to Season 2, bringing the number from ten to twenty. The season has been pretty uneven so far, with the Brazilian episode coming in as one of the most painful 20 minutes of television in history, but the last two episodes have shown some of the wit and heart we all fell in love with/vowed to destroy.

Obviously I am happy because writing about Rita Volk’s face is my job and now I have twice as much job, but I encourage you to share in the joy too. However mixed your feelings are as regards this show, you can’t watch the mid-season trailer and not have more Feelings than if you ran into your ex at a Tegan and Sara show while PMSing.

[mtvn_player content_uri=”mgid:uma:video:mtv.com:1092754″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

So let’s talk about what we have here.

1. Lauren takes ecstasy.


Frankly, you could offend me a thousand more times and it would still be worth it to watch Bailey de Young dance around with a pacifier in her mouth and rub her face against everyone’s clothing because it’s just so soft.

2. Amy and Reagan, sitting in a tree.


Or, rather, lying in a bed. Thus far, the lady kisses on this show have been disappointingly chaste, especially when compared to Shane getting a parking lot blowjob from a stranger, but these sweet lady kisses look pretty damn steamy.

3. Karma shoots Liam with an arrow!


It’s a fake arrow but still, I support all violence against Liam.

4. Karmy goes to Litchfield for a special Orange is the New Black crossover episode.


OK, I just made that up to explain why the trailer features a shot of them in a prison, but wouldn’t it be great? I feel like Poussey and Amy would be perfect to help one another get over their doomed best friend crushes.

5. Karma goes down on Amy.


Nope, show. This is a dream sequence. I know it and I’m not biting. But I do look forward to the Liam secret coming out and all of the weirdness in their friendship finally being dealt with. And yes, of course I still want them to fall in love, I just know it won’t be handed to us this early.

So cheers/tears/prayers to Gaia?

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