“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.2): Jane’s Milkshake


ZOMG! Where do I begin? This show has me on the edge of my seat, and yelling at the televison. Now I officially know what it feels like to be an abuela watching her novelas religiously every night.

This episode began with a flashback to Jane’s Quinceanera (Sweet 15). Mid-party, Jane’s mom, Xiomara, gave a stellar performance of “Milkshake” by Kelis. I couldn’t get the song out of my head for the entire episode. Neither can I get out of my head what Xiomara was wearing, a short peach colored dress with major cleavage, and her dance that accompanied the song. She’s become my favorite character of the show.


Flash forward to present time to a family meeting, of sorts, which included Xiomara, Michael, and Abuela seated together for a meeting led by Jane. It was the first family meeting attended by Michael: “Happy to be here. Proud to be presenting the male point of view.” Jane’s reply was classic, “Oh, see, I won’t leave with that because that’s not going to do well at our meetings.” Then again, he really couldn’t say much when he was beat: Three Latinas to one male. Abuela suggested Jane keep the baby, to which Michael disagreed. Tired of all the “baby” talk, Jane felt that “baby” was too real of a word to use during the pregnancy. She suggested they use the term “milkshake” instead of baby. Milkshake, of course, in reference to Xiomara’s performance at Jane’s Quiceanera.

During the meeting, Abuela makes a point that Jane is giving away her baby to another woman she’s officially met. To oblige Abuela, Jane text messages Petra about meeting up soon. While mid-divorce conversation, back at the hotel, Petra tells Rafael that Jane wants to meet her. Petra continues to cling onto this baby as her saving grace. Petra has no clue what’s in store for her. Does she really believe Jane is going to just give up her baby so easily?

Now to the good stuff.

Rose, Luisa’s hot ex-lover, shows up at her office, again. Luisa gets an email that her license is officially suspended. Rose brings up the question, again, “You’re not drinking, are you?” Luisa looks hurt by that question, but confirms that she has not been drinking. She fires back with, “I’m trying to be practical, which is why I called you. You were a pretty good lawyer before you gave it up to become a trophy wife.” Burn! Luisa apologizes and Rose stays to help her out. Luisa tells her about her insurance policy which mentions Rafael. Apparently, Rafael put his shares of the hotel up as collateral, in case of a law suit. He did this to help insure Luisa because no one would insure her due to her alcohol addiction. Such a sweet brother he is. And, yet, now he wants to sue her for a baby he’ll soon have if it weren’t for her to begin with. Cut back to Rose and Luisa, where Rose informs Luisa that if Jane sues Luisa then Rafael’s hotel is on the line.


Rafael waits for Jane in the locker room. Here, she finds out that Luisa is Rafael’s sister. He encourages Jane to sue, so that she can get money out of this. Jane is offended by his comment, that she would be doing any of this for money. This dude just doesn’t know how to talk to women, does he? He offends her in the first episode by thinking he remembers her as a dance from a strip club, and then again in this episode. Jane doesn’t think any better of him when she finds out, from her co-workers, that Rafael has a bad boy past. After Googling Rafael, she freaks out and calls Michael telling him that she can’t give her “milkshake” to Rafael anymore. Not wanting this baby, Michael convinces Jane that Rafael is a decent person now. Oh, Michael. What is it that you’re hiding from Jane?

“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.2): Jane’s Milkshake

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