“Survivor’s Remorse” recap (1.3): Granting Wishes


If you read my last recap, you know that my relationship with Survivor’s Remorse was not love at first sight. Maybe I am too much of a critic, but I’m not one to be carried away with a show just because it has a flashy pilot episode. It takes more than an interesting concept, a few funny lines and one or two lesbian/bisexual characters to sweep me off my feet. The television series must have thought-provoking, but not didactic dialogue; unique, complex and relatable characters; compelling exterior and interior conflicts’ and plot points that are surprising but not contrived.

It’s a tall order, I know. Yet, I have to admit that Survivor’s Remorse has kind of grown on me. I’m falling for this show and for the character of M-Chuck played by Erica Ash.

After an opening montage of the Atlanta skyline, we see Cam standing in a hospital parking lot. He isn’t happy. He hates hospitals and everything that goes with themsick people, healthy people finding out that they are sick, sick people finding out that they’re never going to get better. The worst part is that he feels like granting a dying kid’s last wish will seem like a cheap publicity grab. Cam really doesn’t want to be there. Fortunately, he has his whole family is in tow to show him that even if it is mainly to get some positive press and a possible endorsement deal with Nike, bringing a sick child and his family some joy during a difficult time is the right thing to do.

Walking into the hospital like _Let's do this!_Walking to the hospital like, “Let’s do this!”

M-Chuck is happy to accompany her little brother inside the hospital because she likes any place where there are under-appreciated women. As a matter of fact, when Missy heads over to the nurse’s station to find her sorority sister and contact from the Aspirations and Wishes Foundation, M-Chuck offers to go with her.

“Do you have an off switch?” Miss asks.

M-Chuck responds, “Yeah. It’s shaped like a dick.”

“I’m proud of you,” Cassie Calloway tells her son. Then she sticks out her hand. “Can I have some money for lunch?”

Cam gives her his wallet. “I know how much is in there,” he tells her.

“Then you’ll know how hungry we are,” M-Chuck responds and gives him the finger.

Mama Calloway, Uncle Julius and M-Chuck go to the cafeteria for lunch (and to hit on hot nurses) while Cam and Reggie go to visit Johnny, who has recently slipped into a coma. Cam turns on his charm. He talks to Johnny, comforts his mother, Vanessa, and offers him some Cam Calloway autographed swag. Before he leaves he offers to teach Johnny how to dunk whenever he wakes up from his coma.

After the visit. Reggie and Cam are at the urinals in the bathroom where Uncle Julius finds them to return Cam’s wallet. He informs Cam that he is taking an extra $100 so that he and M-Chuck can take a couple of nurses out for coffee.

Reggie has had enough. He pleads with Cam to give his relatives jobs so they can budget how much everyone is spending. Cam refuses to put his mother to work, but agrees to make M-Chuck the head of public relations and appoint Uncle Julius as the head of household, executive assistant and driver. However, he insists that they pay them way above market value. He wants to be generous.

Cam tells Reggie, “I’m trying to make them happy.” Awww. He’s so sweet!

Reggie tells Cam, “The way we do that is to make sure we’re never poor again.” Yep, that Reggie is pretty smart. “The next time we’re back in Dorchester,” he continues, “is because they’re naming a street after you.“

“Nah! No! No!” Cam doesn’t want that. “Bad things happen on streets named after famous people. Look at Martin Luther Kind Blvd. That road is like death row.”

Survivor's Remorse 2014Officially on the payroll

Back at Cam’s apartment, Cam and Reggie deliver the news, as well as very generous checks, to the family. M-Chuck is excited about her new position in public relations and jumps right into her new role when Missy arrives with an announcement of her own. Johnny has woken up from his coma! Johnny’s mother credits Cam’s visit for his miraculous recovery. Cam is hesitant, but M-Chuck convinces him that it’s the right thing to do. And the fact that she could get great media footage is just a bonus. Cam agrees and M-Chuck gets to work making sure that Cam looks like the clean, caring, wholesome athlete that he is. The first order of business is getting rid of the box of pot and the huge bong that is sitting on the kitchen counter.

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