Eliza Dushku moves beyond Faith in the future


Good news for Faith fans: Eliza Dushku just
signed a development deal with Fox
to work with the network on future projects.

The deal includes developing projects specifically for Dushku as well as reviewing
current scripts with her to find a role that fits. Personally, I think they
found that role long ago with Tru Calling, but not enough viewers agreed
with me to make it a ratings success. By the way, Fox, you still owe us an ending.

Wait, wasn’t Dushku supposed to be in Nurses
on Fox this fall? Turns out, the series – which also starred the marvelous
Sara Rue – wasn’t picked up. I wish they’d
at least show the pilot. According to a review from thefutoncritic.com,
one scene has Dushku’s character tackle an unruly patient who accidentally
rips off her shirt in the scuffle. Some things are meant to be seen, people.
Until the outtakes show up on the Web, we’ll have to settle for Eliza
looking adorable.

Until Dushku’s next TV role, you can catch her in one of her upcoming
films, Nobel Son, Open Graves and The Alphabet Killer.
She also stars in two movies in production, Sex and Breakfast and Bottle
. This screen cap from Open Graves pretty much guarantees
I’ll line up for that one.

A bit of Dushku trivia: her first film role was in 1992’s That Night.
She played Alice, a 10-year-old who had a crush on 17-year-old Sheryl, played
by Juliette Lewis. Here’s Alice pining for Sheryl with
her friend Kathryn. Yes, that’s Katherine Heigl. Aww.

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