“Arrow” recap (3.2): Canary’s Swan Song


Hello, friends! Even though we lost Sara last week, it looks like the storyline will revolve around the bisxual beauty for a bit, so while it does, we’ll be doing a few recaps. And by we I mean me. Hope I can do our sweet Canary justice!

Previously on Arrow, Flashback Oliver was taken to Hong Kong, present-day Felicity got Smoaked by a smooth-talking gentleman with this eyes on Queen Consolidated, and Sara Lance died in her sister’s arms.

Felicity, Oliver and Roy are chatting about nothing, hardly a care in the world, when they wander into Team Arrow Headquarters. There, they find Laurel standing over Sara’s body. The poor thing carried her dead sister all the way to the bar’s basement, arrow’s sticking out of her and all. Felicity’s heart breaks and tears spill down her face. Laurel collapses into Oliver’s arms says, “It’s not fair,” over and over. It’s not, Laurel. It’s really, really not.

Arrow 302-1“And no one will explain to me why.”

Present day Laurel is in that state of sad shock that comes immediately after losing a loved one. She remembers a stuffed shark Sara used to hold when she was sad or scared, and all Laurel can think of is finding that shark for her sister. It’s like Vada in My Girl: “He can’t see without his glasses!”

Oliver promises he’s going to find who did this, and Laurel tells him that she’s going to help, whether he likes it or not. She’s also not going to tell her father Sara’s dead until they find whoever did this, because she knows he’ll burn down all of Starling City if he had to.

Oliver, thinking of his own sister, calls Thea, but gets no response.

A despondent Felicity tells Oliver that the cameras from the night and location of Sara’s murder have nothing useful on them, so Oliver goes to the scene of the crime, trying to work out what happened. Diggle joins him on the roof and says Sara was a friend, not just to Oliver, but to all of them, so he’s coming back from paternity leave early to help out.

Felicity calls and says Detective Lance (Inspector Lance? Where’s he up to now?) called the Arrow, so Oliver goes to him all hooded up. Lance asks if he’s OK, since apparently he can see enough of his face to see when he’s brooding, yet not enough to see Oliver’s impeccable and very distinct jaw line. Someone else turned up dead with a black arrow in him, so Lance puts Arrow on the job. Moments after, another man is hit with a black arrow, similar to the one that took down the Canary.

At Team Arrow HQ, Felicity is holding Sara’s hand, musing about how strong and brave Sara was, how it was easy to forget that under that big personality was just a small girl. Her job at the tech store calls her because she’s missing a shift, but she tells them she’s not coming in because there has been a death in the family.


Oliver doesn’t think Sara was killed by the League of Assassins, and asks Diggle to ask Lyla for help using ARGUS. And while all this chaos is going on, Thea is still not answering Oliver’s calls. After Oliver runs off to do more investigating, Felicity catches Roy using her super-fancy triple computer system to look up Thea on an FBI database. Busted, he confesses that Thea gave him a note that essentially says, “goodbye forever,” that she gave him the night of the season finale. Felicity tells Roy that Oliver needs to know this, but before she can lecture him further, her phone goes off and she storms off, fuming mad, saying there’s someone she needs to kill.

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