“Face Off” Mini-cap (7.13): The flaming fairies get you every time


Blame it on those damn fairies. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous headed into this week’s episode. And that nervousness only grew as the episode progressed. You know, that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. But I kept hoping against hope for our gal Stella until the very end. But, hey, placing fifth out of 16 is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep your head up, girl.



The challenge was to create a fairy based on some form of natural disaster – flood, avalanche, wildfire, oil spill and earthquake. Hey, this is the show’s seventh season–they’ve got to really stretch to come up with original challenges.



None. But don’t ask me why McKenzie brought the contestants to a movie set of a plane crash to illustrate natural disasters. Come to think of it, an oil spill isn’t a natural disaster either. Unless you are blaming nature for getting in the way of innocent oil tankers.


Cig’s avalanche fairy stood out because of her beautiful ice wings and flawless beauty makeup–despite his fretting about never having done a beauty makeup. Also, how cute was it when he stumbled upon the happy accident of turning his model’s eyelashes white? Boys sometimes, I swear.



I didn’t love Drew’s oil slick fairy. She looked like Carrie: The Exxon Valdez. You know I’m right.



Nothing random about it, from now on I’m rooting for Dina. Gotta support the last lady standing.


You know, I know the judges loved George’s earthquake fairy, but I did not. I thought it was a bit of a mess. Like, why was there a green blinking light inside her shoulder fissure? I live in California and I have never seen green lights emanating from earthquake damage. Also, since I’m bitter and sad about the ultimate outcome, the “fix” he made to the model’s cracked lip area made her look like she had the mother of all cold sores.



Oh, Stella. You’ve made some amazing pieces this season and have shown yourself to be a real talent. Still the judges simply weren’t impressed with what they deemed as a too literal interpretation of a flaming fairy. Also, all those molding problems did not help. With each new setback, it limited the time to work on the paint job and costuming. I actually thought the sculpt and face makeup were very pretty. But leave it to the fairy to take out the fairy this season. (Sorry, had to.)


I know we haven’t seen the last of Stella and her work and wish her nothing but the best with her continued career. So, what did you think of the challenge that took our gal out? Who are you rooting for now? Thanks for taking this ride through the Face-Off mini-caps with me. I’m sure there is plenty more fabulous, frightening and fantastical work from Stella to come.

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