“The Good Wife” recap (6.4): Not Your Superhero


Wine. Crudité. Cheese plate? Alicia nervously prepares a spread in anticipation of a guest. To bide her time, she turns on the tube where a very Walking Deadish, True Detective-like program is playing, followed by its discussion show, Talking Noon. (You have to love the writers at The Good Wife for paying homage, and perhaps poking a little fun of these shows especially since The Walking Dead’s premiere was last night at the same time as The Good Wife.)

Alicia’s guest turns out to be Eli, who is impressed by her set up. They share a bottle of wine as they sit down to discuss their action plan. If Alicia chooses to run for State’s Attorney, she only has four days to decide before the announcement. He tells “St. Alicia,” the nickname he has bestowed upon her, that if she were to run today, she would win by eight points. Alicia tends to be too rational for such fantasies however, and prefers to focus on the long run. “Good news tends not to last,” she cautions him. When there’s a knock at the door, Eli casually mentions that it’s Alicia’s new campaign manager. She freaks out a little. The campaign manager is Johnny Elfman (Broadway leading man Steven Pasquale), who unbeknownst to Alicia, is reluctant to work with her and feels duped by Eli. Eli asks him to give Alicia the same courtesy that he asked of Alicia.


During all of this, Grace and a seemingly endless line of her classmates pour through the front door. It’s Grace’s turn to host choir, so Alicia sends them off to practice in her bedroom. As Alicia, Eli and Johnny all sit down to talk, a choir of angels (OK, sophomores) bursts into song. Johnny brusquely asks Alicia why she wants to run. She doesn’t like his tone, and neither do I, so she schools him, and asks if she has an issue with her. Johnny only wants to stand behind winners, and he’s not so sure about St. Alicia. “I’m not your superhero,” she calmly tells both men before politely dismissing Johnny. Just then, she gets a call from office. Lemond Bishop has been subpoenaed about his business dealings, a development which Cary thinks it’s about trying to derail his own trial. In all of this, Grace’s wacky former tutor Jennifer shows up in an angel/fairy costume, like you do, and joins up with Grace’s crew.

Eli calls Peter to fill him in of what’s happening and Peter asks if he’s shown Alicia the opposition research yet. Eli has conveniently held on to that. He also gets a little jealous when he hears that the rather hunky Johnny Elfman would be her campaign manager. When Alicia returns to the table, Johnny explains that it’s not enough to want to oust a crooked politician from office; she also needs a positive reason for wanting to run. Then he and Eli present her with big fat folder full of secrets. Even Alicia Florrick has skeletons in her closet.


First they tackle Alicia’s clients: Sweeney, the Paisley Group and Lemond Bishop. Johnny advised her to drop Bishop, and she agrees to. Next they bring up the abortion that Zack and his former girlfriend Nisa obtained the year before. Alicia looks like she was hit by an emotional freight train. She’s completely shocked. Eli knew and apparently so did Nisa’s parents, who accompanied the teens to the clinic.

She immediately calls Peter, who was unaware as well. She’s furious with her son for lying to her and even threatens cutting him off. When Peter offers to deal with it, Alicia refused: “This one’s mine.” She calls Zach but gets his voicemail. She asks him to call her back.

Now Peter calls Eli, and asks him not to bring up the intern. Alicia, recovering from that unexpected development, wants to continue Next up is her brother Owen, who is apparently having an affair with a married man who does gay bareback porn. Well, that is also news to Alicia. Eli is worried it may cause a division in the gay community. He advises that she convince Owen to lay low for a bit. On to Alicia’s mother Veronica, who unbeknownst to Alicia, hit a child in a department store. Yes, Veronica spanked a stranger’s child. Oh, and it’s all on video. The men suggest that Veronica apologize to the child’s family. The only one Alicia doesn’t have to worry about for now is Grace, who is blessedly skeleton-free. Alicia, the atheist is urged to soften her stance to an agnostic who’s struggling.


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