“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.3): Something Good


As Meredith’s voiceover talks about vulnerability, real time Meredith vents her own frustrations and vulnerabilities to a showering and thoroughly grumpy Alex. To add emphasis to the fact that she thinks Maggie is a stalker and liar (who is most definitely not her sister) she throws the shower curtains aside much to Alex’s horror. When Alex orders Meredith out, she tries to smooth it over by complimenting his junk (spectacular) and moving on. “Can we get back to me now?” she asks, using a sentence that essentially sums up her whole existence. Alex explains that he understands the requirements of being her “person” but he’s got to make his case to the board since right now he’s jobless. Meredith doesn’t really care that Alex is in crisis because her crisis is bigger. She once again tells him that Maggie thinks she’s her sister, a statement that Alex missed while he was practicing his speech.


Right outside the door is an eavesdropping Jo, who is becoming increasingly irritated at Meredith’s intrusion onto her relationship. Stephanie suggests that she just go and join them, but Jo wants Meredith’s respect, so getting naked in front of her isn’t going to help that. “She stole my Alex,” she tells Stephanie. Stephanie makes the connection that Jo is actually afraid of Meredith, which of course she denies. Of course, they both jump out of their skin when Meredith emerges from the bathroom. Meredith snarls at both of them to tell anyone who asks, that she’s sick that day.

Owen and Callie arrive at a VA hospital to give a speech about residual limb health, but Callie suspects this is Owen’s way of trying to get her to take on another project. She rattles off a list of things that will make it impossible for her (like Arizona’s fellowship, a new baby, her own research) and Owen nods in his Owen way. Owen introduces her to a group of Wounded Warriors. “But, you’re too busy to help our nation’s heroes…” Oh Owen. “I do not like you,” Callie tells him through an awkward smile.


Arizona and Dr. Herman chat about fetal surgery while walking the halls. Dr. Herman asks why she’s not taking notes, and Arizona whips out the dimples and assumes that they were just chatting. Nope. This is a fellowship, time to feel like a resident again. Dr. Herman reminds Arizona that they are not peers, and Arizona’s request to have three weeks to get her ducks in a row isn’t acceptable.

Derek and Arizona stop by to ask Jackson to change the board meeting to another day. Tired of being pushed around, Jackson puts his foot down. Amelia joins the party to confront Derek about ordering treatments for her patients. She kindly reminds him that she is Chief of Neurosurgery, a position that she isn’t planning to hand back to him.

Stephanie has gone ahead and rearranged Dr. Bailey’s day so that she has plenty of time to prepare for her big board meeting that night. Bailey appreciates the gesture, but it completely confident that only a group of morons would give Alex a seat on the board. She gets a text about a pile up accident on the freeway. The pit is supposed to Meredith’s but Stephanie weakly tells Bailey that Mer is “sick.”

Back at Alex’s, he and Meredith are drinking while trying to figure out what Maggie’s angle could be in all of this. Alex suggests that Meredith go to the logical source. The man who Ellis was intimate with 30 years ago. Meredith doesn’t like that idea. Plus, if Richard knew that Meredith had a sister, he’s say something. Right? Gulp.

Speaking of Richard, he’s looking rather glum when the elevator door open and Maggie Pierce joins him. After a little awkward small talk, she tells him about her conversation with Meredith. When the elevator stops, they come upon a chaotic scene. A dozen or more doctors, nurses and onlookers are crowded around a patient. Bailey appears around the corner and parts them like the Red Sea. The curiosity is a man impaled with a straight up tree. Like a tree is sticking out of his chest, and he’s awake. Camera phones are flashing everywhere, and Bailey takes a secret selfie with him.


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