“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.2): Bring the Thunder


Whenever anyone besides Meredith narrates an episode, it’s pretty much a given that the episode will be a game changer. This time it’s Maggie Pierce, who is still navigating her way through a new life in Seattle. We learn a few things about Dr. Maggie Pierce, right off the bat.

  1. She spends most of her free time on the phone with her loving family back in Boston, as she’s been struggling (or perhaps a little hesitant) to make new friends.
  2. Puzzles are her thing. She has an eye for them, and a dogged determination to solve them.
  3. It’s going to be easy to love Dr. Pierce, who is equal parts awkward and awesome.

Greys110201 After telling her parents that maybe she should just leave the whole “Meredith, you’re my sister” thing alone, she gets a page to rush to the ER. There, an older woman is coding, while her daughter stands by crying. Maggie quickly assesses the situation, putting the pieces together until they fit, and decides on a plan of action. She revives the woman, which most be a pretty epic way to kick off your morning. Not so epic is running into Richard and Meredith in the elevator. Maggie chooses the stairs, and Richard follows after her. He tells her that it’s going to be pretty hard to avoid another doctor at this hospital (God knows, others have tried and failed for 11 years) so she might as well make peace with it. Like a boss, she solves his crossword puzzle for him before moving on.

On Maggie’s service that day is Jo, who Maggie mistakenly refers to as Willis. Maggie is embarrassed about the mistake, but Jo is a good sport about it, so they head off to do rounds. First up is Dr. Bailey’s patient Robbie, a young guy who is painfully attempting to pass a massive kidney stone. Maggie swoops in and does some of her magic, making Robbie feel a lot better and determining he’s at risk for serious heart problems if he goes into surgery right away. Next up is Rita, a pregnant woman with a heart malformation who has been put on bed rest. Her baby also has heart issues and will need surgery as soon as she’s born. Arizona struts in with Stephanie, using golf metaphors like a good lesbian. “Mind if we play through?” Fore! Both Arizona and Maggie will be attending to the family’s medical needs. When Jo and Maggie leave, we find out that Rita’s chances of surviving the pregnancy are pretty slim but Maggie is determined to give her patient a fighting chance. Maggie impresses Jo with her badassery, even if her name retention skills are a bit lacking.

Lastly, Maggie and Jo check in on Marjorie, the woman Maggie saved from flat lining earlier. She’s suffering from stage four lung cancer, and the woman is simply ready to go. When her daughter leaves the room, she tells Maggie and Jo that she wants to die but her daughter won’t let her sign a DNR. She wants to go out with dignity, not in agony. When the daughter comes back, Jo oversteps and tells her that her mother is miserable and probably won’t survive another cardiac event. A furious Maggie pulls Jo aside and schools her on patient etiquette. Maggie then softens and tells Jo “she just had to bring the thunder.” It’s a new life lesson for Jo. “When you seem really nice, or young or pretty, sometimes people don’t take you seriously. You have to help them understand who they are dealing with. You have to ‘bring the thunder.’” This is the best thing I’ve heard all year. I want to get one of those wall clings that shouts, “Bring the thunder,” for every room in my house. Greys110202

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