“Transparent” recap (1.5): Wedge


It dawns on me early on that what Maura said about her kids in the pilot holds true—I’m not entirely sure we’re supposed to like any of them. In so many ways I love each of them because they’re so damn entertaining, but imagine if we were face-to-face with Josh’s antics? I wouldn’t be charmed. And not just because I’m an intuitive lesbian. At the start of the episode, he’s already bedded another lady, a real estate agent he picks up at a club (and I can hear Syd’s voice echoing about him really not wanting to be alone). Sarah and Tammy’s honeymoon phase is so weird—regardless of Tammy’s commitment issues, there’s also Sarah talking about the kids’ summer camp plans. I want to step in and tell her to slow her roll for a moment; before she scares off the former college co-op girlfriend who it didn’t work out with the first time around.

Suspiciously, Shelly/mom (Judith Light) admits to Ali that Ed is missing. Instead of going out and looking for him, she’s cleaning out her fridge of Greek yogurt (her “last stop before the Ensure train”), and mentions a Rabbi is coming over later so she has to keep Ed’s status a secret otherwise she’ll be the “talk of the temple.” She says Ali will have to search without her because she can’t cancel a doctor’s appointment she waited for three months to get. (I’m sorry, but are we related?)


Back at the Shangri-La, Maura is learning all about hormones from Davina. She even helps Davina with her injections. She pops a little estrogen and makes a funny remark about how she can already feel her boobs getting bigger. Speaking of boobs—Sarah and Tammy are expecting a guest, it’s Bianca (Kiersey Clemons)—Tammy’s ex, Quinn’s daughter, who she was already pregnant with when she met Tammy. Sarah’s like, “I don’t want to be a part of your lesbian underground railroad.” And Tammy assures her they are never, ever breaking up. Bianca is a sweetheart, and she immediately hugs Tammy and then Sarah and runs out to the pool, ‘cause it’s about to be summertime, baby. Also, nice constellation tatt, Tam. Sarah has a brilliant idea: Bianca should be the new “summer girl”—aka a nanny for the kids so that Sarah and Tammy can do whatever they please. Bianca looks less than impressed.


Namaste—hey, girl, hey! We meet Shea (Trace Lysette), a gorgeous transwoman who’s teaching a yoga class at the LGBT center. Maura and Davina hang back with her after class and bring up the Trans Got Talent show. “It sounds beautiful,” Maura says, after telling Shea this new Premarin that she’s on is making her body feel totally different—to which Davina points out, only just started a few hours ago! I like where this is going though. Maura needs an outlet, a way to rechannel some of this disappointment she’s been faced with in the past few days—a talent show is just what the doctor ordered.


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