“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.11): Gonna make you sweat


Dear God, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone too far. TOO FAR. I am all for donating to charities and other good causes. But perhaps this week’s killer ice challenge will finally end the fad. Write a check, save the water. Hey, I live in California. We’re in a historic drought.


Jane and Maura are jogging together. Dammit, I take everything I said about the ice back. Now I need some.  Maura is in a tank top. Jane is in her Boston PD tee. This is not a drill, people.

They’re talking about sweat while sweaty together. It’s a heat wave and not just because Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon are sharing the screen together. OK, it’s partly that, but also partly because we as a people stubbornly refuse to accept the reality of climate change and our hand in creating it.


Sweaty Jane and Maura come upon some kids trying to open a fire hydrant. Is that legal? I’m pretty sure that isn’t legal in Boston. So Jane opens it for them instead. But hey, it’s cool, it’s not like Jane’s job is enforcing the law or anything.

As they leave the kids to frolic in their illegally gained water, Maura looks over at Jane lovingly and reassures her that one day they will be mothers together and great ones at that. Then they share a little quickie eye sex, because children are nearby.


Their ocular coitus is interrupted by Mama Rizzoli, who is waiting for them on the stoop with something singularly disgusting called “Sweat Tea.” No, no, not Sweet Tea. SWEAT Tea. That makes me think some dude named Vinnie is in the backroom wringing out his work shirt into a teapot. *shudder* I will never drink tea again.


Jane is thinking the same thing. But she gets saved from the steaming hot cup of perspiration by the phone. Mama R silently mouths their signature “Rizzoli” and “Isles” greetings because she knows what’s up.

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