“The Bridge” recap (2.8): Goliath


From her car, Sonya watches a homeless blonde woman move about a filthy shantytown of boxes and car parts. The woman does a hit of heroin, and lies down inside a makeshift shelter once she gets high. From inside a decorated shoebox, Sonya pulls out a necklace that appears to be made of hair. She walks over to the woman who is now in an opiate haze, and presses it into her hand. “It’s over,” Sonya tells her, before walking back to her car. From their own car a safe distance away, Eleanor and Cesar watch Sonya pull away. When she is gone, Eleanor approaches the sleeping woman and takes the hair necklace from her sleeping hand.


Back in Juarez, Capitan Robles sits at an al fresco restaurant, dining on goat. An old woman tries to sell herbs to earn money to buy dinner and is harassed by some young punks. Robles reprimands them and shows the teens his badge before handing the woman some money. He sits back down with a satisfied smile, but within seconds, a swat team descends on him. One of the men smashes his face with a rifle before they haul him away. They demand that Robles lead them to Galvan, and toss him into a van.

The next morning, Robles is hurting but alive in the precinct bathroom. Marco inquires about his well-being and Robles tells him that he plans to take some personal time in the next few days. (i.e. fleeing forever) He leaves a very surprised Marco in charge. Marco walks over to the sink and notices it’s splattered with blood.

The El Paso PD is processing the crime scene at Adriana’s we find out that Lucy made it and is recovering. The man who stabbed her is dead, but Cooper is convinced he was a hitman. He found Adriana and Frye’s addresses in the man’s pocket. Adriana sits in an open cop car, covered in blood and in shock. When Sonya asks why Adriana isn’t at the hospital with her love, she reveals that Lucy’s parents came and asked her to leave. They don’t approve of the relationship, so Adriana came home. Adriana asks Sonya if the man actually intended to kill her, and Sonya says yes. Frye could still be in danger, and Adriana is concerned over a text Frye sent saying he was “going to get Sebastian Cerisola.” Adriana tells Sonya what she knows about Group CLIO, Galvan and the housing development.


Speaking of Cerisola, he shows up at Galvan’s Airplane Hanger of Ennui for a little chat. Cerisola is pissed that Fausto went after the reporters, and getting mixed up with the American police is not the best way to fly under the radar. When Cerisola mentions speaking with Eleanor, Galvan gets testy. He thinks that Cerisola is playing it too safe and throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars in the meanwhile. Cerisola calmly tells Galvan, “you can’t kill your way out of this.” Galvan doesn’t take his advice and immediately orders a hit on Sonya, by an American named the Chopper. Apparently, he’s a gentle and cleanly sort of hitman.

Sonya shows up at Red Ridge alone to do some sleuthing, but is thwarted when a van pulls up and Agent McKenzie orders her to get in. McKenzie has been on Galvan’s trail for a decade but keeps getting derailed by the CIA. Sonya wants to bring Eleanor to justice, and McKenzie agrees that she is the key. She can lead them to all of Galvan’s money laundering sites. When she asks how she can help get Eleanor, he shuts her down claiming he’s got a man on the inside. Sonya threatens to get the CIA involved if he doesn’t let her to work the case with him. Sonya has a plan. “I arrest her for murder, you get to question her and you get Fausto.” He agrees but on the condition that Sonya exclude Marco. He breaks the news that Galvan and Marco have known each other since childhood as both their fathers were in the cartel. He doesn’t think Marco can be trusted. This is news to Sonya, who can’t quite believe what McKenzie is telling her. He hands her a USB and tells her that Tate was murdered in prison. “Ask Marco how that happens,” he quips before dropping her back off at her car.

A man riding a motocross bike in the desert is interrupted in his daredevilry and summoned down a steep hill to receive a phone message. When he arrives, he pulls off his helmet to reveal a head of sandy blonde hair. This is The Chopper, and he now has orders to kill Sonya Cross.


Eva and Linder sit in an RV outside of the factory where so many Juarez girls have gone missing. She points out that they know little about each other, so he asks about her childhood. She grew up poor with dreams of traveling the world. She met Hector at age 13 when she was in a beauty pageant. Eva then spies a man who offered her a ride home and ended up nearly leading her to her death. Linder follows his car.

Sebastian Cerisola shows up to pick his son up from school, and unbeknownst to him, a furious and drunken Frye is steps away. Frye tells his little boy that his father sells drugs and Cerisola rushes the child away. Frye accuses Cerisola of trying to have Adriana killed and dares him and his men to kill him right then and there. Cerisola’s men wrestle him to the ground and call the cops to arrest him. The Juarez cops toss him in a filthy sewage filled cell with a half dozen other men.


When she’s alone in the precinct, Sonya sits down to watch the file that McKenzie gave her. It’s footage of Marco visiting David Tate shorty before he was killed.

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