“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.3): Headliners and Co-Stars


This week on Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Siya, Diamond and Bia are talking about the showcase Brianna and Nyemiah performed at the other night. Diamond takes this opportunity to trash Nyemiah and say Brianna should have headlined.

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“You and wifey was going through it,” Bia says, mentioning how Siya and Renaye got into an argument. I just want to say I appreciate how the people on this show and in Siya’s life treat her relationship like any other relationship. She’s got support and understanding, and that is what’s up.

Siya is like “I gotta walk around and mingle!” But Renaye gets jealous and wants more of Siya’s attention and time, which is something Diamond knows firsthand. She says her ex, Lil’ Scrappy, was the same way.

“Everyone else is the co-star!” Diamond says, encouraging Siya to put herself first. Siya says she got a hotel room after the fight, which means we are going to see some shit go down when she goes home to Renaye again on this episode. But first, Diamond’s prayer reminder goes off on her phone and they all join hands and pray.

Nyemiah and her mom are working on choreography together, and Mom takes the opportunity to ask about Nyemiah’s dating life. Nyemiah doesn’t have time for boyfriends. “Do any rap guys try to holler at you?” her mom asks. “Do they think you’re a lesbian?” “Probably,” Nyemiah responds. Her mom wants some grandchildren, stat!

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Siya meets with her friend Kael, who asks what’s going on with Tank. Tank hasn’t been there for Siya like she’s wanted, so Kael is pissed on her behalf. He wants Siya to be a priority for Tank so they go and meet him, despite Siya thinking he’s going to feel ganged up on, and it probably won’t go over so well.

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Nyemiah’s back in the studio and rapper/actor Mack Wilds stops by. He wants a female vocal on one of his tracks and they exchange numbers, which he says is not just for work-related purposes. Oooooh girl.

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