The best “Pretty Little Liars” #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets from “Taking This One to the Grave”


You know Santa’s sleigh bell from The Polar Express? The one that only rings for people who truly believe in the magic of Christmas, which is very few people and most of them children, because life has beaten nearly everyone down, down, down with a cynicism stick to the point where Santa’s sleigh bell is just a broken piece of metal to them? Mona Vanderwaal was my Santa’s sleigh bell — ringing true and bright and allowing me to get lost in the magic of TV, despite the fact that my actual job is TV and I’ve consumed so many stories over the years that hardly anything surprises me anymore. Mona surprised me, constantly.

Janel Parrish made me forget I was doing work and let me get sucked right into television like when I was a little kid, recording Quantum Leap and Lois and Clark on VHS tapes, wringing my hands and shouting at the characters and praying real prayers that they’d live happily ever after. So much TV really does just feel like broken metal to me, but Mona Vanderwaal was Christmas morning. (May she rise again on Easter! May we forever praise her Vandername!)

Full recap of all feelings coming at you tomorrow!

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