The 80 gayest moments on “Pretty Little Liars”


Another Pretty Little Liars finale is upon us, but before we bid adieu to the summer and wait on the wings of Tippi’s promise for the Christmas special, we thought we’d take a look back at 80 of the gayest moments of the gayest shown in the history of TV. Grab a PinkDrink and a can of chickpeas — I know you have some in that cabinet; don’t you lie! — and take a trip with us down memory lane.

Emily likes Queen Bey too much.


Like why don’t you put a ring on it already, Em.

Emaya’s meet-cute.


“You live in the bedroom of the first girl I ever loved. Want to get a coffee?”

Emily’s ex-girlfriend crashes her new romance.


Just when Emily and Maya were about to get their make out on, “Ali’s” “body” was discovered in the backyard.

Just friends spooning.


Totally normal straight people stuff.

Straight white guys all look the same.


So much so that you can interchange their heads between seasons and no one will notice.

Emily stares down Maya while Ben smooches on her.

6-boyfriend 6-boyfriend-2

“He doesn’t know I know you know I know.”

Emily and Maya share their first kiss.


Drunk in loooooove.

Emily comes out to Hanna.


Who tells her that Emily is Emily with Ben, and Emily is Emily with Maya. Her friends don’t care who she’s with. They just care who she is.

Spencer is obsessed with hats.


And ties.


And also obsessed with being right.

Emily and Maya can’t keep their hands off each other.


‘Cause once you kiss a girl, you’re never going to stop kissing girls.

Emily’s memories of Ali all take place in the Golden Hour.


The sweetest, most beautiful time of the day.

Emily obsesses over love letters from a previous relationship…


…with a straight girl


(Or, well. She was straight at the time. Maybe. Kind of.) (Probably not.)

Emily processes her former relationships with her current girlfriend…


…over and over.


“Is it me? Do keep getting them axe-murdered?”

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