“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.2): Fine is a lie


It’s the second episode of Sisterhood of Hip Hop and Nyemiah is preparing for a big showcase she has coming up. Siya brings Diamond (whose hair I am such a fan of), who just moved to New York from Atlanta, by the studio so they can meet. Immediately, though, shade is thrown when Nyemiah tells Diamond she’s never heard of her as part of Crime Mob. “I’m one of the reasons you’re able to do the things that you do right now,” Diamond says to the camera. Nyemiah asks Siya what’s going on with Renaye because “The last time I saw ya’ll, there was a little friction.”

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“I don’t know, man,” Siya said. “As soon as you came around me, got next to me, she just changed and shit.” Siya laments she needs to focus on her career, but she is also a little worried about Renaye because she just moved from L.A. and doesn’t have a job or friends in NYC yet. She says she loves Renaye, and wants to make her feel more comfortable. “I was trying to think about, what would a girl want besides diamonds and purses.” She decides the answer is a dog.

Nyemiah tells the camera she hopes Renaye isn’t distracting Siya, but then she tells Siya to invite her to the showcase. “She’ll get to hang out with us and talk and see that it’s more of a music connection. Nobody not trying to do no sneaky stuff,” Nyemiah said, and then invites Diamond, too. Does no one else think this will actually be a terrible idea? The producers of this show are surely thinking that but happy nonetheless.

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Down in Miami, Brianna and her momager, Kiki, are meeting for lunch. Kiki got Brianna a show, but Brianna is in school and worried she’ll have to miss a midterm. “Of course I want Brianna to graduate, but the rap game is now or never,” Kiki tells the camera. I wish my mom understood this like Kiki’s mom does!

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Brianna’s gay friend Ricky B tries to help her work through her shit. She decides to take her midterm early and go to the show in New York. “I gotta make it happen,” she says.

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