“Rookie Blue” recap (5.10 & 5.11): Dropping Bombs


Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail and Holly officially for real for sure broke up, Andy and Sam for real for sure got back together, and our friends at 15 Division met two people who seemed insignificant at the time but surely weren’t.

We begin with McSwarek sexytimes. Not my favorite way to open an episode, but it could have been worse. It could have been better, but it could have been worse. Andy mentions that there is a Commissioner’s Gala tonight, though Sam couldn’t possibly care less about the event. What he does care about, however, is a key, which he presents to Andy like a proud kid presents his macaroni art project. Andy smiles politely and says, “Why don’t you keep that, sweetie?” She then adorably calls herself an untamable stallion and scoots before Sam can point out that actually she’s more like a stuffed pony.

RB Finale 1 Well, if ponies had abs.

After Oliver sends everyone off on their tasks for the day, Andy storms up and demands to know what Duncan is doing there. The rookie is back on duty, and has actually requested to ride with Andy, to which Andy says not even SHE’S that naive. Nick steps in and offers to ride with him in her stead, partly because he’s just a nice guy, partly because he’s already had to help Chloe pick out a dress color for the Commissioner’s Ball five minutes into the shift, and probably partly because he’s still holding a bit of a torch for Officer McNally.

Gail is walking down the hallway when she hears her name. She stops and turns and lo and behold, an angel appears. Holly walks towards her and Gail says, “Hi,” cautiously like maybe this is a trap and BitchTits is going to pop out of door number two. Holly hands her a folder and she says she needs help with a case Gail worked, that there were inconsistencies in the report she needed clarification. Holly says they should probably speak in private and pulls Gail into an interrogation observation room, not unlike the room where they had their first makeout session. Gail starts to point out that she never worked the case on the file when Holly grabs the file out of her hands, tosses it aside, and pulls Gail into a passionate kiss.

RB Finale 2*sings* Is this the real life? Is this just fanfiction?

When they pull apart, Holly realizes that there’s someone interrogation room, but Gail assures her that he only wishes he could have witnessed what we just witnessed. Gail asks for a little clarification, just to make sure that this is really happening, and Holly says that she missed her. (We missed you too, Holly.) Gail asks about her ‘someone else’ that kept her from being able to accept Gail’s beautiful and heartfelt apology last time they spoke, but Holly says that they broke up because she just couldn’t get in the way of this ship any longer. Gail accepts that this is happening for real and pulls her in for another long-overdue kiss.


Gail eventually pulls back and says, “Wait,” sounding somewhere between mad at whatever stupid reasonable part herself made her do it and confused as to what is actually happening. She puts physical space between herself and Holly, as if to try to avoid falling Holly’s magnetic pull, and Holly smiles understandingly. They have a lot to talk about, she just wanted to skip to the “can you just be kissing me now” part of the make-up. Holly asks if Gail is free tonight to talk, but she says she has a thing tonight, but how about tomorrow night? Holly heads back to work, smiling like everything’s finally falling into place, but as soon as she leaves, a conflicted look falls over Gail’s face. That conversation seemed all too much like Paige and Emily’s talk on Tuesday, so I hope against all hope that Gail’s “thing” isn’t a date.

RB Finale 4

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