“The Bridge” recap (2.7): Lamia


When Frye falls off the wagon, he falls hard. After being fired from the El Paso Times, he’s doing a ton of blow and dancing with his sponsor Gary to STYX. In his manic state, he remembers to ask Gary to hook him up with his contacts at the Secretary of State, and Gary agrees. They play a little air drums, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Adriana, wearing a messy ponytail and a pissed off expression. She barges in and turns off their music, much to Gary’s dismay. He calls her a “bitch” and Frye tells him to back off. Adriana’s his best friend, man. She showed up because Frye kept butt dialing her and she was worried. Gary quickly realizes that he just threw away five years of sobriety for this little drug and prog-rock session. Frye tells him that they can start again tomorrow and sends him on his way. When Frye raises a bottle to his lips, Adriana grabs it and smashes it to bits. She drags him out of the apartment behind her.


Marco is on the witness stand, delivering testimony about Pintado’s case and the night that he and Sonya had a run in with the dirty cops. He lies and says that he was following the cops on direct orders from Capitan Robles. The men on the panel seem to believe Marco, or at least feel comfortable accepting his side of the story. Outside of the courthouse, Capitan Robles waits for Marco, slapping him on the back and calling him the “hero of Juarez.” Marco rejects the label and refuses to stand in front of a crowd and pretend that he’s done some noble deed. Robles advises him to put on his best smile and shut up, otherwise he might have to implicate Sonya in the shooting. Marco agrees but warns Robles to stay away from Sonya and Eva or the affidavit will wind up in the right person’s hands.

Later that morning, Adriana and her girlfriend Lucy are all snuggly in bed when Frye, bumbling around in her kitchen, rudely awakens their slumber. They stumble out to see Frye using his pants to wipe up some spilled milk. “Which one of you lesbians is the knitter?” a pantsless Frye asks upon seeing a basket of yarn. Lucy asks if Frye’s got a problem with knitting. (You don’t want to mess with knitters Frye. Those needles are sharp.) Of course, he finds it sexy and the women both suppress a gag. Lucy kisses Adriana and heads back to bed, telling Frye to shut up when he requests more action. When she leaves, Frye is pleased to show Adriana that Gary came through and they now have access to the Secretary of State.


Sonya shows up at Marco’s place to check on him and stress out about what happened in the hotel room. He fills her in on his deal with Robles. Sonya’s name stays out of the case, as long as Marco plays the hero. Sonya as we know, is never comfortable with lying. “The lie protects everyone,” Marco tells her. He also lets her know that he’s not moving forward with the affidavit just yet.

At Adriana’s, she and Frye do some more digging on Groupo CLIO and find they had a shit ton of shell corporations in Texas. They come across Benjamin DeLarge’s name, the bank man who killed himself. He’s attached to the housing development in the desert. They also find that DeLarge’s control of the development was transferred elsewhere after his death.

Jack Dobbs brings Sonya out to the water tower where the body is buried. He confesses to taking one of Jim’s pictures from Sonya’s house, but for a good reason. He realized the pictures were more than pictures. They were a confession. He recalls Jim telling him about a girl named Bridgette Roland that went missing a few months before Sonya’s sister was killed. He pulls a tarp off the shallow grave and exposes the remains. Sonya is overwhelmed, and puts in a call to the police department, shrugging off Jack’s attempts to touch her.


The police arrive to start processing the remains and Cooper brings over the missing person’s report for Bridgette. She was thought to be a runaway. When Lt. Wade arrives, he makes an angry b-line to Jack and wrestles him to the ground. The other cops pull them apart but Wade is hopping mad. He blames Jack for not coming forward to stop his brother, knowing what he did. Jack claims that he needed to be sure, but Wade calls bullshit on him. “Her sister would be alive today. That’s on you, Jack.” Jack in turn reveals that his brother was not carrying a gun the night that Wade arrested him. Wade didn’t shoot Jim out of self-defense. Wade denies the accusation and leaves. Jack tries to talk to Sonya but she walks away as well.

We learn that Fausto Galvan is a toilet reader, perusing the book that Cerisola had recently gifted him. He also carries a gun everywhere, even in the john. He hears a noise and draws his weapon, but it’s just one his men. We learn that the new administration has essentially sent Galvan underground, where he can’t play with his boats and cars and has to lay low. When Marco shows up, Galvan is in a mood. He wants to see the Fjords in Norway, and tells Marco that maybe it would be a relief if he was actually taken down. Marco suggests that Galvan simply turns himself in. Not today Marco, not today. Galvan brings up the fact that Marco did not in fact, murder David Tate. Marco thinks that he left Tate with a fate worse than death, having to face the fact that he murdered an innocent. Galvan thinks that a flaying of skin is usually a better route. Galvan also tells Marco that Tate’s fate is now in the cartel’s hands.

Adriana and Frye take a walk through of one of the unfinished homes of the Red Ridge development, while discussing Adriana’s future as a journalist. As punishment, she’s back to puff pieces and Frye suggests that she go rouge. Ray shows up in a golf cart of sorts, and Frye asks to see Chip Diaz. Ray naturally says something racist about Chip being late and offends Adriana. Ray introduces himself and the manager and co-owner of Red Ridge and offers to give them a tour. When they get inside the finished home, Adriana and Frye reveal themselves to be reporters. Ray starts to stammer when they start mentioning ‘money laundering” and “cartel.” He suggests they take a hike.


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