We’re about to see a lot more of Kate McKinnon


Emmy-nominated actress and songwriter, comedian, out lesbian, and international nasty girl Kate McKinnon sat down with The Daily Beast to talk about her awesome year, and here are a few things we learned:

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1. She was nominated for two Emmy awards this season: One for “Outstanding actress in a comedy” and one for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics for the song “(Do It On My) Twin Bed.” Also, the inspiration for this hilarious SNL digital short came from an unlikely source. She says, “Aidy and I wanted to do an all-girl music video, in the style of Pussycat Dolls.” Between that song and “Dongs All Over The World” with Anna Kendrick, I think this all-girl music video idea is something they should definitely run with in the upcoming season.

2. McKinnon will join the cast of The Awesomes, an animated Hulu original series about superheroes – joining a legion of fellow SNL cast members, both past and present, including Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker at the helm as executive producers. Despite the fact that the closest thing to a superhero she liked as a kid was Disney’s fox-shaped Robin Hood.

3. Kate loves voice acting. I quote, “I love to just get in the booth. Put some tracks down. I’m basically Rihanna.”

4. She will be joining Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and more in an upcoming comedy called Loomis Fargo. Wikipedia describes it as a “heist comedy” which sounds like a rather wonderful type of comedy if you ask me.

5. McKinnon will be joining superstar badass chicks Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in Paula Pell‘s movie The Nest,  slotted for 2015 . Since Tina and Amy pairing up has yet to let us down, adding Kate McKinnon to the mix sounds this might be actual perfection.

In my opinion, Kate McKinnon was a huge part of keeping this most recent season afloat without the big-wigs (read: The Big Wiig) that left the cast. I’ve personally loved her since The Big Gay Sketch Show, where she was Fitzwilliam, the little English boy who longed desperately for a magical vagina, and while the other cast members tend to be hit or miss for me, I haven’t met a Kate McKinnon sketch I didn’t like. From her Ellen impersonations to her portrayal of kooky Weekend Update guest, Olya Povlatsky, she always has me in stitches. I mean, she made me, a card-carrying lesbian, love a song about dongs for goodness sake.

Kate McKinnon as a cat rescue worker with a touchy-feely Charlize Theron


Which of Kate McKinnon’s upcoming projects are you most excited about?

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