“Defiance” recap (2.9): Just one, I’m a few.


There are some things you just know are going to survive the apocalypse. Full sets of Harry Potter books. The Princess Bride DVDs and VHS tapes. The music of ’80s and ’90s one-hit-wonders. So it’s no surprise that the song playing when Stahma sees Kenya for the first time after her resurrection is by the 4 Non Blondes. Seriously, man, what’s going on?


Here’s what: Nolan doesn’t give Kenya a moment’s respite when he brings her home to Defiance, interrogating her at full speed while she coughs up details about her kidnapping that include motor homes, dog food, water tanks, and that dude in goggles. She’s pretty sure she’s been gone a couple of weeks, but Nolan drops the bomb that she’s been dead for almost a year. The last thing she remembers is Amanda losing the election to Datak, not a single thing about Stahma luring her out into the woods and singing her to sleep while she died of being poisoned by her alien lady love. It’s Yewll who puts a stop to the questioning, weirdly enough, even though her compassion for humans usually falls somewhere on scale between crocodile and wild boar.

Stahma is hanging out at the Need/Want, goggling that Alak hired a hooker to work his radio station, when Kenya and Amanda arrive on the scene. We have never in all of of our whole dystopian lives seen Stahma Tarr bug out, but honey, she bugs the fuck out. Kenya hugs everybody while Stahma creeps to the shadows and stares so hard her eyes almost pop out of her beautiful head. When Kenya makes eye contact with her, she bolts outside and damn near has a panic attack, gasping for breath like she’s been caught underwater.

Kenya and Amanda cuddle up in bed and remember how they used to do this exact thing when the Pale Wars were going on and their chance of surviving was pretty much zero. But they did make it and Amanda kept things going while Kenya was away this time and but Kenya is back now and sisters are sisters and everything is going to be OK.


Stahma doesn’t feel the same way, even a little bit. She somehow finds the nards to approach Kenya in the market the next morning and when Kenya wraps her up in the biggest embrace and smells her hair like she needs to breath it to survive, Stahma can barely stay upright.

Kenya: Before I disappeared, did we have a thing?
Stahma: A thing—multiple things, multiple times—I had never experienced in my 5,000 years of being alive. Is your brain OK?
Kenya: Not yet, but I’m going to get all my memories back and when I do, we’re going to have a proper reunion, six-legged monkey crawl-style.
Stahma: I think I need to see Doc Yewll. My chest is doing something weird. I think I might be dying. I think I might be on fire inside my stomach.

I told y’all Stahma was in actual love with Kenya, but you didn’t believe me! I mean, whatever. It’s fair. Jaime Murray has chemistry with like random set decorations, so it’s hard to tell. But I knew it. I knew it.


Nolan tries to trigger her memory with more and more PTSD stuff, but mostly all she can remember is drowning. But because he’s Nolan, he thinks the most important thing is how he fits into the picture of her rise from the grave, so he breaks it to her that they’re broken up, even though they had a thing, and now he hooks up with her sister on the regular, so. Kenya couldn’t give less of a fuck. What does give her some anxiety is a hammer she sees on the evidence table. She remembers the goggle mask guy breaking her out of her water tube with it.

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