“Rookie Blue” recap (5.9): Downright Melancholy


Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail tried ask Holly for forgiveness but it was too little too late, Andy and Swarek actually started working, and Dov ignored Chloe despite her neverending cuteness.

We begin with Oliver showing his team a video he took that starts with Dov protesting being filmed. Gail takes the camera with a flash of sass, and present-day Gail giggles when she sees herself on screen.

RB 509-1 Which is basically me every time Gail is on my screen.

In the video, Gail takes the camera past a rambling Chloe to the break room, where Swarek is telling Andy he made fancy dinner reservations for them. Gail tells them that they’re boring and Andy attacks the camera.

Present-day Oliver flicks off the TV and tells them that this was a perfect example of what not to do with the cameras that they are going to have mounted to the front of their uniforms for their shift today.

Today’s task is Moving Day, which is basically making sure everyone who is supposed to move actually moves, which sounds like one of Gail Peck’s circles of hell. She volunteers for desk duty, but Oliver doesn’t bite and puts her in a car with Nick. McNally is paired with Chloe, who is still just excited to not be benched. Besides, it can’t be worse than finding a thumb in garbage.

The cameras are being tested in three precincts, and as for now they’ll be monitored internally. Dov implores them to make sure their cameras are off when they’re using the bathroom, and Oliver tells them to “Serve, protect, and keep it PG.”

Andy is not pleased with the idea of wearing a camera; she thinks it will be a distraction after the Duncan/Gerald fiasco. Chloe doesn’t mind so much, though, because she’s an open book, nothing to hide, no secrets at all, she is so sure she won’t do a single solitary thing that she doesn’t want seen on camera. Even she can’t tell how weird she’s being about the divorce papers in her hands that Wes dropped off.

NicklePeck are driving their squad car and Gail is mumbling and grumbling to herself. Nick asks what her problem is and she says she doesn’t want to watch people move, especially today of all days. Tonight is Peck Family Dinner night, and it was supposed to be her first family dinner with them as a lesbian—a word she stumbles on a little, still not quite used to saying it out loud in reference to herself—and she was really hoping Holly would be there.

RB 509-2Yeah, I was hoping Holly would be here, too.

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