“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (5.9): Foster the lesbians


Well, it happened. We all thought it might happen. Some of us wished it might happen. Others of us worried it might happen. But it happened. Jane lost the baby. Was it being shot in the stomach (albeit through her vest)? Was it being hit in the stomach with a lead pipe (after being shot in the stomach)? Who knows. But we do know what storyline Janet Tamaro hath joined together, let no one but Jan Nash put asunder.


Jane wakes up in the hospital, groggily. She looks around and the first thing she sees is? Maura. As Jane’s eyes focus, they immediately soften when she realizes who is with her. Maura smiles back and leans in. Jesus, you two. I’d say get a room but you’re in one. You’re freaking in one.

Jane asks about Tasha, who pulled through surgery and will be fine. Then she tries to move and realizes something is very wrong. Maura confirms her spleen, kidney and liver are bruised. Then she breaks The News to Jane that she miscarried. Of course, it had to be Maura who told her. It was Maura who was going to raise the baby with her. Jane didn’t lose the baby; they lost the baby.


Maura tells Jane about how everyone has been by and her mom just left to shower. Girlfriends stay even after the mom leaves, those are the rules. Jane says she’ll fake sleeping when her mom comes back. Oh, Jane. She can even joke at a time like this. Then she looks over and sees an aquarium full of signed Grover Verben baseballs. Maura explains that Grover is Prof. Beard’s great uncle and he actually has hundreds of them. So, it was a weird, freebie beard bribe gift. And now he has given her a balls bouquet–which is something you should never, ever give a lesbian. He suggests she gives them out as gifts to visitors. Jane declares him a weirdo and so say we all.

Maura gets a call from the office. Damn those dead bodies breaking up our Gayzzoli moments. Jane tells her to go, she has a job to do and crimes to solve. But Maura says the dead body isn’t getting any deader. And then she takes Jane’s hand and caresses it gently. I would say it’s another Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching, but this isn’t gratuitous. This is exactly what someone would do if her girlfriend just lost their baby.


Mama Rizzoli arrives and Jane, indeed, plays asleep. But she and her ginormous stuffed panda bear know better. Jane looks at it and is like, oh no–I still haven’t figured out what to do with the pink fuzzy monstrosity Giovanni gave me and now this? Mama R tells her she wanted Jane to have something to hug when she wasn’t there. Silly woman, she has Maura to hug–duh.


Mama R has also brought cards to play a healing round of Gin Rummy. Then she tells her daughter it will be OK, and she knows from experience because she too had a miscarriage about a year before Jane was born. She tells Jane she needs to share how she is feeling with somebody. Again, lady, she has Maura. Sheesh, you live at her house. You know what’s going on. Geez, parents–sometimes they can be so willfully dense.

Joking aside, for a very difficult situation I think, once again, the writers have handled the storyline with as much grace as possible. This season they were dealt two almost impossible scenarios to write through and have navigated them both in ways that felt respectful and real. Now if only they would get that Jack to hit the road.


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