“The Bridge” recap (2.6): Harvest of Souls


There was a reason beyond sentimentality that Jack Dobbs wanted to keep his brother’s drawings. Put together, they are clues that lead Jack to a water tower in a deserted area. Jack has brought along a shovel and it’s pretty clear that he’s not searching for buried treasure. He digs around for a while until he finds what he’s looking for: a skeleton. He reaches down and touches the boney remains, and a finger breaks off in his hand.


Sonya, Marco and Abelardo Pintado sit together at a diner, mulling over the previous evening’s near miss. Pintado has hired private security to watch his back, now that there is a very large target on it. Sonya asks Marco why he was missing the night before and he makes up an excuse that one of his children needed him. Pintado thinks that now with Eva’s affidavit that they can make a move to arrest Capitan Robles. Marco asks for a heads up so, you know, he doesn’t get assassinated.

Sonya rushes back to meet with Jack, who is all sweaty and dirty. Kind of like how you get when you’ve been digging up a skeleton in the desert. He simply tells her that he’s been on a hike. (A murder hike.) Sonya is out of sorts, pacing and staring at Jim’s ashes. Jack suggests that they just toss his brother’s ashes in the trash. Sonya recounts the uncomfortable events of her sister’s funeral, and admits she doesn’t know why she took the ashes. They promptly walk outside and thrown the ashes in the nearest dumpster. Sonya then hands Jack a key to her apartment. (What has it been? A week? That’s like lesbian fast.) He tells her that he’s thinking of sticking around town to see how things go with the two of them. Sonya is quick to clarify that she is not his girlfriend, and he suggests they continue to keep it casual by living together.

Frye and Adriana make their way to a church where the priest has summoned them. The padre knows someone who wants to tell his story, and happens to know of Frye. They are handed black hoods to wear for their protection, or at least that is what the priest tells them. Soon they are joined by the hitman Franco who killed Raul, and Adriana knows him right away by the smell of his cigar smoke. He goes on to say that he’s killed many, but according to him, he was a decent kind of hitman, as hitmen go. He let people have one last moment of peace near the end. He’s also been a really busy hitman. Two hundred and fifty three people have fallen at his hands, and now he wants to confess to Frye and Adriana. Adriana asks Franco if he killed Chuchito for Galvan, but he says no.


When Sonya returns to the station, there is a surprise waiting for her. It’s Chip Diaz, the real estate agent who isn’t dead after all. He’s been picked up for DUI and solicitation, and while being booked, saw a flyer with Eleanor’s image on it and speaks up about it.

Sonya and Lt. Wade hop in the car together and Wade takes the opportunity to try and talk to his protégée about Jim Dobb’s death. She’s not interested in talking about it however. He’s less than thrilled to find out that Jack is sticking around and living in Sonya’s apartment to boot. They show up at the same house that Eleanor and Yovanni visited. The same house that has been deeded to Charlotte and Ray. Inside they find a lot less blood, but Fausto Galvan’s scorpion symbol in marble on the floor. They give a quick search but nothing seems out of the ordinary, Sonya tries to put the pieces together regarding Eleanor’s stops along the way, but nothing is pinging yet. As they leave, Cesar sees them and places a call to notify Galvan that cops have been by the house.

While walking through the streets of Juarez, Pintado’s bodyguard bolts, leaving him alone and unprotected. He’s then grabbed by a couple Juarez cops and shoved into a van. He screams for help but no one comes to his aid.


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