“Chasing Life” recap (1.10): Star-crossed


Previously on Chasing Life, Brenna chose Greer over Kieran because Greer helped her steal away to meet her secret sister and Kieran made out with her terrible friend Ford in her bedroom, and April chose Dom over Leo even though Dom was MIA because Leo was refusing to get a potentially life-saving surgery.

The summer finale begins with April, Brenna, and Beth lying on the grass, looking up at the sky.

CL 110-1Boom. Bechdel test passed in the first minute.

April is trying to enjoy this, the last day she’ll feel the sun on her face for a full month. Brenna and Beth make jokes and make April smile that easy smile, but Sara interrupts to tell her that it’s time to go inside. April says goodbye to the sun, and her sister and her best friend lead her inside.

Through a fairly traumatic-looking process of needles and tubes, April begins chemo. Brenna takes her for a walk around the halls, to get the lay of the land, and they run into a nurse who is a little cold and not very receptive to Brenna’s sarcasm. When they get back to April’s room, everyone is setting up the paper flowers and iPads and other things to make it feel like home. An old man shuffles in and warns her that Candy Crush will give her migraines, but grandma sasses him right out of there.

April’s doctor comes in to help April get settled, and Uncle George tries to out-doctor her, but she tells him to cut the Uncle Doctor gig and just stick to the Uncle gig for now.

At school, Brenna finds Ford talking to Lou from The Fosters.

CL 110-2ABC Family recycles actors as much as Canada does.

Brenna asks to talk to her for a minute, but Ford snaps at her and tells her to go hang out with her shallow rich bitch girlfriend. Brenna says that Greer isn’t shallow, and Ford makes a joke about Eco club, and Brenna has that moment so many of us have had with old friends, especially from when we were younger. She looks at Ford and she looks at herself and she realizes that they’re not in the same place anymore. Brenna used to want to sit around and complain about everything and judge people, but Greer opened her eyes to the idea that there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. Brenna’s interested in learning more about the world. Brenna has evolved, and unless Ford can, too, the friendship just won’t work.

Back at the hospital, an awesome nurse comes in to make sure April is ready for bed and warns her about the bed alarms that go off mostly when she gets out of bed, but sometimes just when they feel like it. Sara is sleeping over on the cot in April’s room tonight, and she brought a bedtime story to read to April just in case she had trouble sleeping. It’s really quite sweet and everyone looks cute in pajamas.

When April wakes up, Dom comes to visit and says he shouldn’t have left. As an apology for not being in touch, he gives her a playlist he made her. A playlist that lasts seven days, the length of chemo. April confesses that she knew she was sick before he left, in fact, pretty much the entire time they dated, and Dom is hurt that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him.

Brenna is heading to class when a teacher stops her and tells her that she’s wanted in the principal’s office. When she gets there, Greer is already there, and the principal tells Brenna that she has reason to believe her and Greer skipped out for an adventure of their own during the Eco Club trip. Greer starts in by trying to fill Brenna in on the lies she told, but the principal interrupts her and makes Brenna tell the story herself. It goes pretty well at first…

CL 110-3Lesbian Bonnie and Clyde.

…but Pretty Little Liars they are not, and they had not aligned their phone story. Brenna said their phones were dead but Greer said she left hers in the room. The jig is up and the principal starts to call Sara. Brenna begs her not to and says her family’s having a hard time right now, but the principal thinks she’s still lying. Greer earnestly tells her that Brenna’s not lying, and the principal hears Brenna out about her sister. Brenna just wants the chance to break the news to her mother herself, and the principal gives her 24 hours. I had two different guidance counselors two different times give me that same exact line but both times they called my parents before I was home from school anyway, so I was actually very impressed when the principal kept her word.

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