“Sisterhood of Hip Hop” recap (1.1): The Battle Begins


Oxygen’s new series Sisterhood of Hip Hop is a reality series focusing on five female rappers trying to make it in the industry. These aren’t women who are new to the game—they are professionals who have been working at their craft for several years (in some cases, half of their lives) and are signed to labels or collaborating with chart topping stars that believe in their talent. The first MC we meet on the premiere episode is Siya (pronounced like “sigh-uh”), aka the reason I’m recapping this show.

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Siya is 27-year-old out gay rapper who challenges listeners with the kinds of things she speaks on. Don’t expect the typical lyrical fodder about dudes, ass-shots and Louibitons—Siya has rhymes about corpses, abortions and her sexuality, which is something she says labels are threatened by.

The show opens with Siya being interviewed by Big Boy on Power 106, where he confirms she’s a lesbian. (Her song “Dyke” being the first clue.) Siya says she’s indeed an out gay female artist and she just wants to make a point with her music. It’s not about the fame or the money for her—she has a message and she wants to be heard.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Siya said she was involved with crime early on life but turned to music around 12-years-old. “Rap music saved my life,” she said.

Unfortunately she’s still surrounded by a lot of sad realities, as she takes her girlfriend Renaye on a tour of her hood and mentions that her cousin was recently gunned down in a crossfire shootout. Renaye, who just moved to NYC from California to be with Siya, doesn’t seem to thrilled about this story. (Can you blame her?)

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Siya and Renaye are super cute and cuddly in their bed in the morning, and Siya explains she fell in love with Renaye after seeing a photo of her on Instagram. “I thought she was bad,” Siya said. “I hit her up, I asked her out, and it’s really been the best two years of my life. She’s everything to me so having her here with me is amazing.” Foreshadowing some drama right about now.

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Siya is so happy to have Renaye’s support, because she feels a little dissed by her current mentor, Tank. (If you are unfamiliar with Tank, please go listen to “Maybe I Deserve.” I just did and it holds up, unlike the fur vest he wears in the video.) Siya is upset because Tank, a man she says is always on his phone, is sending her to voicemail when she calls. She knows it means he just doesn’t have any news for her, but still. She’s ready to get in the studio and she’s frustrated.

“It’s gonna pay off in the long run!” Renaye says cheerfully.

“It’s nice to have your support and have you around,” Siya says. Aw. Matching neck tattoos for the win!

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