Vote now! Femslash Madness Tournament — Final Four



Ladies and ladies, you have arrived at the Final Four of the 2014 Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament! This year, for the first time ever, the fandom tide has turned and neither Faberry nor Rizzoli and Isles have made it to the penultimate round of voting; instead, Swan Queen has loudly, proudly climbed their way to the top of the longtime fandom-favorite heap!

Also, this time around, Katniss and Johanna have found the odds to be quite in their favor. Bering and Wells fandom has announced its intention to go absolutely nowhere, despite being pretty damn abused by the final season of Warehouse 13. And rookie couple Skimmons has pushed through to the Final Four in their first ever tournament.

It’s going to be an exciting round of voting, is what I am saying.

Voting for the Final Four will be open until Thursday, August 14 at noon EST. You can vote once per hour between now and then. You’ll find the full brackets below.

Click here for full-size brackets

Voting in the Final Fours is now closed!

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